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Moving to a new doctors surgery

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Hi all I am moving to a new doctors surgery now and will I need to go for a health check and is there my easy read information where the doctors can understand my needs and anxieties

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hi Emilysimmons180894 it might help if you print off the hospital passport here\;

and fill it in,or get help filling it in...yes, they are aimed at when we visit hospitals but new doctors in other medical places coud learn from such good infomation.

i have both hospital and communication passports but mine were completed by the CLDT, there is no law against doing it yourself/someone like a relative doing it for you.

if you are under the social services learning disability team (CLDT),contact and ask for referal to a learning disability nurse.

they can speak to your new doctors at the GP surgery and fill them in and theyre also great at giving the GPs advice about your needs,difficulties etc- they do this for me everytime i get moved.

if you really struggle while there,you can ask for a quiet spare room to wait in.

i am sorry if the amount of writing has made you struggle- it just comes out my head and i have no short term or working memory due to my epilepsy.

i hope this helps.

Thank you

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I think the hospital passport idea is great.

It is likely that your new doctor will want to meet you. I think most people who sign up for a new surgery are asked to visit.

Your new doctor will be able to see your medical notes but meeting you will really help them learn how best to support you.

Make sure you let your new doctor knows about any reasonable adjustments that might help you feel less worried. You might find this guide helpful, you can print it off and take it with you -

When you talk to your new surgery, make sure they know that you have a learning disability. The receptionist needs to know too, and they may have suggestions about how to make the visit easier for you.

If you live in England you can ask about joining the Learning Disability Register. This is just so that your doctor knows you have a learning disability, and knows to give you extra support. Find out more here -

If you are at all worried about your visit give our helpline a call and have a chat with one of our trained advisors. You can call them on 0808 808 1111 (or email: if you prefer)

Best wishes


Thank you

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