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Visiting my Daughter.

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Tomorrow we are able to take my daughter who is in a care home out for a walk for the first time since December 15th. The rules are, only for half an hour (which should just give us enough time to whizz to the entrance ) and my husband and I have to sit in the car and do a lateral flow test first. We are allowed two people because she has a very heavy wheelchair.

I am just so grateful that we are able to see her at last and to let her know that we haven't forgotten her and I just hope that we will gradually see a further relaxation of these rules. I would be interested to hear what other people's experience of visiting is.

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Glad you will get to see her albeit for a short time. Hopefully this will continue to increase soon.

We’ve just be told by our care home that their trust haven’t told them what to do so we can go and visit my daughter was so looking forward to going tomorrow. I can’t believe it for go sake I think we’ve waited long enough this should have already been sorted out before this date. So disappointed for her and for my son as he’s missed us so much this is cruel so near and yet so far

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I'm so sorry. It seems like every care home has it's own rules despite all the newspapers telling us that visits are allowed now.

We have been allowed to take our son for a socially distanced walk since 1st February. We have to have a lateral flow test in the car park first and can only have one of us at a time but that means our son gets two walks each week rather than one. His home has 6 residents all of whom had Covid in January and thankfully came through it OK. Apart from an email on 23rd February confirming the announcement and saying they are waiting for the full guidance we have heard nothing about visiting indoors but we don’t want to do that anyway. How on earth are we supposed to pick one of us to visit? We think that our son and us get far more out of a walk than sitting in his room. Glad you can visit your daughter albeit for only a short while.

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We just wanted to get our daughter out in the fresh air as she hasn't been outside for 3 months. I agree with you that the last thing we wanted was to sit in her care home. We're just hoping we can have longer with her next week. The manager is understanding and we live about 45 minutes away.

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Yep we would prefer meeting outside as well but when it’s cold like this my sons not so keen that’s why we thought it would be better inside in the summer it’s a different story of course

My son is at residential college so we see him every half term when he comes home. We are able to visit when we want , in the grounds, not at the house if we wish.

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That is wonderful news. I really hope the visit goes well.


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