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My latest clay art work


For those who don’t know,I attend (or did do) a art studio for learning disabled people and i was back in the studio in December 2020 finally so I now do my work remotely with the staff team over zoom and an extra iPad they loaned me so I coud communicate ith my proloquo2go AAC app and use zoom at the same time.

yesterday/Monday they dropped lots of proper clay off and tools so I made a huge model of the axololtyl? Mexican walking fish which is very endangered,it is a huge model I can’t wait for it to be picked up to go in their kiln.

I am going to paint it and gloss it.😁👍🏻

Staff are setting up an exhibition with a lot of my work,which will be my first ever one so I am very excited.I think it’s going to be online based because of the situation.

If anyone wants to check my DSLR photography and art work,I have uploaded a lot of it to a new imgur account,I made it private as I have had trouble with people stealing my photos.

They can be viewed here,safely:

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wow - that's impressive!

LDAutie in reply to outdoorsy1

Thankyou.😁 I didn’t think it woud look ok from just the one shot.The head is a bit big for the body but I can’t change it.

I made a model of a kissing gourami fish at the studio in December but no way near as big as this Mexican walking fish,for a while i was having to balance making that while my cat Mr Shadow was trying to make himself a bed at the end of the platform I had the clay on .😂

I’ve uploaded five different sides of the fish to my imgur album as you can only post one photo on health unlocked-

49Twister in reply to LDAutie

Looks great, is that really a thing, Mexican walking fish? very impressive.

LDAutie in reply to 49Twister

Thanks 49Twister 😁 yes,I think I might have had one of these fish at some point years ago,we had to travel all the way to a fancy fish shop in a village near Blackburn called Oswaldtwistle to get Zeus (I’ve got a 400 litre tropical fish tank with two external filters).

Have a look on google images with ‘albino axolotyl’ the albino axolotyl is the most common that I’ve seen. Axolotyl is the other name for the Mexican walking fish,it’s also very hard to spell lol.

I think my Zeus was a green/black Axolotyl, my dad killed him (by accident) turned all the air pumps off.😖


This is awesome - thank you so much for sharing. Do share another photo when it is painted and glossed.

LDAutie in reply to Sarah_Mencap

Thanks Sarah😁 it’s going to take weeks before it properly dries I think...then the next step is painting it (which reminds me I need to get some good thick acrylic paint, cass arts website here I come)....and then you wait for it to dry,....then I think it’s glossed....then dried and put in the kiln.Ceramics is a whole lot of sitting around and a tiny bit of work but people don’t realise that.

Myself and another artist/my friend from the arts studio worked together on a cultural programme with the Scottish sculpture workshop (SSW) which is in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, (they do a lot of work with ceramics, blacksmithing etc) and I asked can you have a kiln at home,and they said you can but you need an outdoor building for it,I don’t know why I asked this as clearly I can’t have a kiln in my lounge burning away while I am watching Friday night dinner repeats?.lol.😖

Emma_MencapCommunity friend

Hey LDAutie - I love it!! I first saw an axolotl at Kew Gardens, have you ever been?

Apparently if they lose an arm or a leg, they can grow it back. Seriously impressive stuff.. as impressive as your work!

Thanks for sharing your work on Imgur as well - really like the edited photos of the flowers.


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