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Learning disability in the way of everything!

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I've been really frustrated with myself lately.

My learning disability gets in the way of everything and im.so embarrassed I feel stupid as hell!!!!

I have a processing disorder

I started a new volunteer job but I didnt stay because there was too much to remember. So I left.

Then today at my normal volunteer job I left yet again because I cant take multiple directions! Aughhh I hate this crap!

I feel like a failure.

Not only that I hear voices and they were really beating me up. They are negative most of the time.

Anyways thanks for listening and letting me vent.

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Hello dear, I have a young adult with a profound learning disability and, like you, she is acutely aware of it and gets very frustrated.

I encourage her to love herself just the way she is. Look for what you LOVE and get involved in that with whatever assistance you need.

Breathe deeply and remember how unique and special you are; there's absolutely no reason for you to try to be what you're not, or what saddens or frustrates you.

Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out? My daughter loves that one; I really hope that you do too. xxx

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I really like what you said! Why try to fit in when your born stand out!

Thank you I really needed to hear this today!

Hugsss to you and your daughter

I really feel for you and certainly understand your frustration. Yes, we all have things we can't do, but we also all have things that we can do. You have written an excellent post that lets every reader see and understand your feelings - and that is quite a skill.

As Sugar59 says, try to accept yourself for the unique person that you are, look for the things you enjoy doing, talk to people who care about you and share your interests.

Hoping you find a volunteering opportunity that you enjoy and that provides you with step by step support that works for you.

Hi thank you.

I do see a therapist and she makes suggestions for me.

I'm extremely close with my mother and she always has my back. Next time I try something new my therapist suggested she come with me.

Hugssss ty

Hello Cyh8513

I am so sorry you are feeling like this. Please do feel free to vent.

It would be worth having a chat to your GP about how you are feeling about this. They need to help you look after your mental health too.

Do you have anyone else you could talk to about this? It might help to have someone who understands and might be able to help you look for more suitable roles.

Best wishes


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Cyh8513 in reply to Sarah_Mencap

Hi Sarah nice to meet you.

Yes I see a therapist.

Seeing her this Thursday.

I'm going to talk her about my learning disability getting in the way. Ugh.

And I have my mom too. Good support system ty for listening hugsss

You've got this, sweetie! Feel free to reach out for support here whenever you need to.

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Cyh8513 in reply to Sugar59

Thank you I appreciate that and you

When you go for a job do you have someone with you who can help set things up so that you can manage? We all find some things difficult but generally people/employers are kind if someone helps them understand and explains how they can help.

Hi my name is Harry and I work at Mencap, and I also have a Learning Disability. I am so sorry to hear you had a bad experience in your voluntary job, they should of given you the reasonable adjustments to help you.

If you need any support please feel free to call our helpline which is 0808 808 1111 they will help you to advise you what to do.

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Cyh8513 in reply to Harry_mencap

Hi! Thank you for your response.

And ty for the number!

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Harry_mencap in reply to Cyh8513

No worries

Good afternoon Cyh8513

It is sad that you feel the way you do, you are lucky that you have a very supportive relationship with your Mum. I agree with what most people have said to you in their replies to your post. Here in sussex where I live we have a organisation call sussex partnership trust NHS. Do you have anything like that in your area? It's where they support people like you like they do my own son who is 20 years old now but has very little knowledge about things and has multiple problems both medical and disabilities. But he is a happy young man. He loves cooking and listening to music plus singing in his own way. It's hard to understand him sometimes when singing and talking but he's happy. Do you like singing or anything like that? Just be yourself like people have said your a special person in your own right. Your not useless or anything like that. I know of a disabled person with learning difficulties and disabilities who is working in a Nursing home as a carer I am telling you this because no matter how many disabilities you have or how you may look to other people always Remember that you are as good as they are in your own way. I am sure that you are able to do something that the other person can't that makes you as good as they are. You take care of yourself and your Mum. And stay safe always. Kind wishes.to you both. Peter

Hi Peter

Thank you for your response.

What you said brought a tear to my eye in a good way because I'm smiling!

I had a support system for trying to work call BRS they helped people with disabilities find work. But good gracious they took forever on a case signing all this unnecessary paperwork and what not. Anyways I dropped them a really long time ago and now on SSI

I do have my family friends therapist and psychiatrist support. Good system lol

Have a good day to you and your son


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