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College & Child Maintenance for Disabled Daughter

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Hello everyone

I am looking for some advice, not sure where to turn with this other than the legal route I suppose. My daughter who has just turned 20 has autism and learning difficulties. Her father left when she was two and I have re married. Her dad has paid some maintenance since then through the CMS, albeit not always the correct amount. I have now received a letter saying this will stop now my daughter is 20.

My daughter goes to college 3 days a week, lives with me and is unlikely to ever hold down a job after college so will always be reliant on me. I pay for transport, taxis, two days per week at a day centre as well as food, clothing, personal care etc.

Is there any way for me to continue getting some maintenance payments from her dad. It seems unfair that he can just walk away from his responsibilities to her again now that she is 20.

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I’m it sure the rules around Cis but would be nice for him to contribute anyway for his daughter but as I understand with her at. college child benefit and tax credits end at 20 also but she then would be entitled to ESA or Universal credit in her own right that would help her in sure

Does your daughter not get PIP? My son is 20, at full time college with learning disabilities. He gets PiP and universal credit. As his college is residential he only gets pip when he’s at hime but UC he gets monthly. You shouldn’t be paying out anything for your adult daughter.

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Quite right what about direct payments / personal budget if you havnt already ask s Servs for a assessment of her needs

Do you get pip for her

Thank you everyone I will need to look into pip and uc, I will contact citizens advice I think. From experience I know he will not contribute voluntarily

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It’s frustrating no one tells you this stuff. She should have had disability benefits for a long time. Also if she gets awarded PIP and you care for her and do stuff for her you may be entitled to carers allowance.

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Roadtrip19 in reply to BenjiB

Thank you, I have a lot of research to do I think

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BenjiB in reply to Roadtrip19

You can apply online for both PIP and UC x

It sounds as if your daughter is entitled to PIP which means she could also qualify for help/benefits for daily living and mobility.. she could also qualify for a mobility car. Blue badges are also given to people with hidden disabilities so she could also be entitled to one which could also make life a little easier. There will be lots of forms and possibly assessmnets but it would make life easier for you all.

Contact a social worker, you/she could also be entitled to respite care. Also ask social worker about direct payments on any help you could be entitled to in helping to care for your daughter. these are all ideas you could and possibly need to explore.

Hello Roadtrip19

I hope you have managed to make some progress with this. Our helpline might be worth a quick call as they have benefits advisors who can help with this sort of thing. Call them on 0808 808 1111

or email

You might also find this helpful as a starting point -

Benefits can feel a bit daunting but it does sound as if your daughter will be able to get some support.

Please let us know how you get on .



Unfortunately as she is classed as an adult she is no longer his dependent. However she should be entitled to universal credit, even while at college, as we have been told to apply on behalf of my 29yo MLD daughter. You should also be in receipt if PiP. Your local job centre or CAB should be able to help you with these

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