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Steven looking for a news friends and girlfriend.

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Hello all, I'm Steven 50 from Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 , I'm single and no kids.I'm looking for a new girlfriend, I'm into lots of things, I like football, music,films,dvd's,cycling,swimming,radio, eating in and out, and more.

I'm kind friendly,caring,honest,loving,romantic,adventurous, amnd fun.

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Hello Steven. It is nice to meet you. Do you have many friends who live nearby so you can do things with them?

I have found it hard to meet new people (face to face) in the past. The thing that worked for me was to join some local clubs. Do you play football at all, or go and watch it? Perhaps there is a team you could join. Does Ipswich Town offer anything? What about swimming groups? Film clubs can also be good, although you can't talk to them much as you are so busy watching films.

Perhaps you could try something new? Have you tried a befriending service? There is one near you You can call them on 01787 371 333 if that is easier.

The main thing is to give it a go. Get out and try to new things, talk to people. It worked for me.

Hi. Are you working at the moment - that can be a good way to meet new people? I volunteer in my spare time, just at local charity shop. I have met loads of people that way. Good luck. Grace

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Steven50 in reply to Grace2232

I'm working 12.5hrs a week, cleaning, I could volunteer at Activlives.Gardens, but can't live on 12.5hrs a week.

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Hello Steven

I thought you might like to know that next week we have an expert, Claire, joining us to answer questions about relationships.

Have a look on here -

Please post any questions you have on there.

Best wishes


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Soczela in reply to Sarah_Mencap

I Like it Like the rosted for the hans :) Bless him.I am triing to keep a healthy relationship With my family.:)

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