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Siblings - share a memory that makes you smile

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Hi everyone,

I posted this on the old mencap familyhub forum, but thought it would be a great one to share here too...we had some really great stories last time.

I’d love to hear about a memory of your brother or sister that makes you smile (parents, you're welcome to join in too - share a memory of your sons/daughters together)

Here’s mine:

My brother loves music. When we were children, sometimes we’d put his favourite music on (really loud! Just how he liked it!) and me, and my sister and him would sing along, make some noise and dance around the living room.

To someone who is outside of learning disability, this might sound like a fairly ordinary family moment. And it was! But also, for me, it was quite significant. Because my brother doesn’t ‘put on’ a smile. He doesn’t smile on demand for a photo, he doesn’t sing and dance if he’s not happy. And we had a lot of really hard times as a family too. So every moment of joy - was a genuine one.

Thanks for joining me in this and sharing your happy memories

F x

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Thanks for this post I_am_a_sibling.

I thought I'd share a few posts from National Siblings day to get the juices flowing:


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I_am_a_siblingSurvey in reply to Sarah_Mencap

So lovely to see these Sarah_Mencap and great to see Mencap supporting siblings


My brother is 45 now, and he has always been obsessed by TV. When we were younger he really loved Record Breakers with Roy Castle. This was before you could watch on demand - we had to tune in each week. He as also really amazed by all the record attempts on there, even if they weren't very impressive. Even now he still loves TV, and it is really hard to get him to switch it off. :)

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I_am_a_siblingSurvey in reply to jow2319

Ha ha, it sounds like a weekly event jow2319 , tuning in at the same time each week. It sounds like he was really fascinated by it! My brother loves TV too, especially the theme tunes and songs - we used to sing along to some of them, which he loved :)

For over ten years now, I've been going to football with my younger brother and my mum. Me and my brother always really nerd out over football - collecting shirts, knowing obscure facts, going to non-league football... as a QPR fan, you're not there for the success really so you find other ways of enjoying the game! My brother recently graduated from his photography degree, with his final project based around photographing non-league football games - the pictures were so good that two of them are now framed in my living room! It's great that he has really found his passions in football and photography :)

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I_am_a_siblingSurvey in reply to qpr92

Ha ha, 'you find other ways of enjoying the game!'. That's the spirit qpr92! It's so lovely to hear that something you both shared has turned into a real passion for him. It sounds like he's going to be into it for a long time and it's something you can share for years to come :)

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