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Melanoma Support Ireland

Are you loving or hating this lovely summer weather!!!!

What are you all wearing now that we have such great weather. are you wearing t-shirts, shorts etc. i've been wearing t-shirts and 3/4 pants and applying sunscreen every half hour or so but still afraid it's not enough. i don't sit out in the sun obviously but have young kids so been to the park a lot, i try and find shade but not much shade in the park i go to. Even with sunscreen i've found my arms have got a slight brown tinge now and i am using factor 50.

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I am wearing long pants and light loose long sleeve cotton tops and getting to wear my 70's sun hat which I like. Been staying out of it mostly though but even indoors it brings a good energy.

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I must admit I too have a brown tinge, just from doing my normal activities, I’m not stressing about it though, I haven’t burned, Ive been sensible and it’s nice to enjoy this good weather, if you can get over the fear, it does make you feel good and we all need some vitamin d for good health, hiding away makes me feel the melanoma has taken something else from me and somehow won, so I won’t xx