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I am a counselor who has a client with this so I will have many questions. Thank you for letting me in.

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Hello Lexiwords

Welcome to our Forum. Please feel free to ask away as and when you are ready.

M.E. can affect people in different ways and has different degrees of severity. Each individual finds what helps them best on their journey with M.E.

Action for ME and the ME Society have websites where you can get further information that you may find helpful.



If you are looking for accurate information about myalgic encephalomyelitis I would strongly recommend you look at . . .

The Hummingbird Foundation

Invest in ME


Race to Solve ME/CFS (facebook group)

MEAction (Missing Millions campaign group)

Occupy ME blogs

Simmaron Research

Stonebird (Greg Crowhurst)

ME/CFS Evolving Science

Health Rising

Pheonix Rising

The research and work of Prof Ron Davis, Fluge and Mella (Norway), Robert Navauix, The Griffiths University Australia, Dr Mark Van Ness, Dr Sarah Myhill, Prof Malcom Hooper, Dr David Tuller, Tom Kindlon, Will de Vega (Canada), The Countess of Mar, Dr Ian Gibson (ex MP) to name but a few.

There are over 9,000 pieces of peer reviewed scientific research out there that document the physical nature of the condition and the number of scientists, advocates, researchers, support groups etc who can supply a fountain of up to date information is ever growing. So please feel free to ask what you want to know and for some more focussed pointers for your research depending on exactly what you want to know.


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