By addressing all of the known and suspected factors, by treating symptoms with natural products without harmful side effects and by increasing general levels of health. Also STEM CELL NUTRITION and STEM CELL THERAPY is here.

Do not take NO for an answer. Too many doctors only mess about with symptoms using drugs with harmful side effects.

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  • Im curious, as M.E is due to a virus that enters the brain & spinal canal, & from there effects literally every system

    & 3 main chances have been found in the brain makeup (& a 4th suspected but not in all cases)

    How is this ment to be cured

    No offence but im getting sick of all the 'fads' over the yrs saying M.E can be cuted with diet

    (Can M.S be cured with diet & nutrition, as it is now becoming widely accepted that the true M.E is in the same bracket)

    There have obviously been alot of ppl misdiagnosed over the yrs that have recoved, even with the less severe & curable CFS version

    Im not saying that 1 day there wont b treatment or even a cure, & stemcells r probably the way to go

    But how can diet/nutrition do nething for the damage to the brain & spinal canal?

    Over the last 20yrs ive tried most new fads, everytime sumthing hits the news about M.E, i was sent to try it

    & most of the things ive been told over the years have since been taken back.

    These abnormalities in the brain have been recorded for decades

    No1 ever tells sum1 with ms that diet/nutrition will cure them.

    Stem cells do have sum credit, & in a variety of things, but u try getting this treatment!

    The new diet is gluteen free, before it was other things

    And b4 we start with the whole diet/nutrition can cure,

    We have to look at if the diagnosis of M.E was right in the first place.

    Im sorry if this offends ne1, thats the last thing i want to do,

    & never give up hope

    New & better research is being done all the time

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