CFS/ME is generally caused by a combination of many factors. It is probable that most if not all, of the factors have been discovered or at least suspected.

They are:--- Parasites, Toxins, Junk food, Stress, wrong level of rest, excercise or sleep, side effects of drugs, physical injury. All known and suspected factors must be eliminated and all measures must be taken to increase health level. Many factors may appear to be of no importance but over many years may be devastating. But they may well be ignored by the medical profession.


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  • So far I've done a whole body detox from this book:

    and if it is as effective as it is claimed I can tell you I have flushed out all parasites and nearly my organs too through taking various concoctions of black walnut, wormwood and clove and a whole host of powders and concoctions - parsley tea is Satan's urine btw!!!! If there was anything in me that shouldn't it has either been poisoned or flushed out.!

    I've had a 3 month course of antiretrovirals. I've gone Gluten and Dairy free and no longer eat processed foods and still am a shadow of my former self!

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