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HUHM virtual 10 Mile Run Report (+ 2 bonus miles!)

triumph-tigerHalf Marathon
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Last week was my first ever 10 mile run, and this week my training plan had another 10 mile run scheduled. Therefore I decided to join the Virtual 10 Miler this week, although my aim was to see how it went and hopefully do a bit longer if I could.

As this was a morning run, like the Windsor River HM in 2 weeks, I decided to make this a "trial run" in terms of preparation and nutrition, though must admit I had a couple of glasses of wine last night, which probably won't the night before the actual HM πŸ˜€ For the route I stuck with Windsor Great Park, though last week's route had a few too many bridleways (which are mostly sand) - so I replanned it to stick to the main pathways this time, which were a bit easier (and less chance of injury).

As this was a training run I stuck to an easy pace, however was still very slightly quicker than last week's 10 mile at 1 hr 54 mins. At the end of 10 miles was still feeling good, so I kept going for a bit longer and ended up at 12 miles. So happy with that, and now feeling fairly confident for the HM in 2 weeks - at least in terms of distance! 😁

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This sounds really positive and ideal preparation too! You will most certainly be ready for next week and your milestone distance 😊


Woohoo!!! Fabulous run. Congratulations, you have a new badge and I'll add your details to the Woohoo board.

I see there is also a marathon version of the Windsor trail run on the 4th(two laps) but I don't think I fancy two laps of a route I've done before. We've plotted a route for our virtual run which will take us along the same stretch of the Bath Road, but on the other side. I'll look out for you πŸ˜€

triumph-tigerHalf Marathon in reply to linda9389

Yes I saw they were also doing a marathon option. Didn't realise that was 2 laps of the same route, but guess that makes sense. Glad you have got your route sorted anyway, and as you say have to keep a look out :-)

linda9389Administrator in reply to triumph-tiger

I think it's two laps - the map was so tiny it was hard to tell πŸ˜…

Stephen_UKHUHM vHalfMarathon

Great work! Very well done.

David_GHUHM vHalfMarathon

That sounds like a great run triumph-tiger and a confidence boost tooπŸ‘ I’m sure you’ll do very well with your HM based on thisπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’m looking forward to reading your race report in due course. Very best of luck with it!πŸ™‚

WindozeHalf Marathon

well done Triumph Tiger. Im sure after your HM we could call you Triumph Hurricane....πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‰

Bike bikes apart..massive congrats!

triumph-tigerHalf Marathon in reply to Windoze

Ha ha maybe :)

TailChaserHUHM vHalfMarathon

Nice one TT! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Kevin41HUHM vHalfMarathon

Brilliant! Very impressed you had the strength to go even further despite setting out for 10miles. I’m finding that when I reach that distance my mind says stop regardless of my legs ha ha!!!

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