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Chester 10K training runs, are training runs generally a thing?

Run46HUHM v10Mile
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I had an email from the Chester 10K run team to invite me to a training run this morning...I'd not heard them mentioned before so didn't realise they took place.

I've only ever run alone and never entered a race before so was a bit nervous just about the training run which is exactly why I thought I should go.

Unfortunately I have a sensitive tum (which is probably what makes me nervous, ie: will I have an upset tum or feel sickly), though it did have a little grumble so I only managed half of my planned breaky, once I set off driving distracted me and I was fine.

I didn't know my way to Chester FC training ground so parked 10 mins away and walked the last bit...well actually jogged it as I met a runner, asked for directions and he turned out to be one of the pacers so I jogged there with him! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

There was nothing to worry about, toilets provided (phew), a lovely run with the 10:40 per mile pacers for 4.5 miles along the River Dee, found a decent space ahead of a group at the back and behind the fast ones so I didn't feel hemmed in, and we even saw a seal relaxing on the bank on the way back!!!

Then a well done and bottle of water and homemade flapjack on our return πŸ˜‹

All this was provided free of charge and there's another in March a week before the race.

It's a different route as they close the roads on race day but I think it's a great idea for those that need a bit of extra support πŸ™‚

22 Replies
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cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile

Oh wow that sounds like a great idea Run46 - I didn’t know training runs like that were even a thing! Brilliant. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Will you go to the one in March too?

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to cheekychipmunks

That's the plan, hopefully that'll help me be more relaxed about the theory I'm ok about it but my body doesn't always listen!

Hoping these training runs will help πŸ€žπŸ™‚


That does sound fab! Especially for first time eventers. Glad it's helped you :)

Jay66UKHalf Marathon

Great way of making a community out of you entrants. Great idea.

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile

Fantastic. It sounds like you were totally relaxed and enjoyed the run and the seal was a bonus. I'd like to do the Chester 10k next year. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Cantstopmenow

Before the run, not so much but once I'd started then everything went well 😊

There's still places left if you want to join me πŸ˜‰

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile in reply to Run46

Very tempting! I was looking at it on facebook this afternoon. Not sure I'm ready to commit just yet. My run today with the running group nearly finished me off! πŸ˜‚

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Cantstopmenow

Lol, I'm not putting any pressure was Facebook that got me into this predicament too πŸ˜‚

I saw you did your 12k and just commented on your post...very well done πŸ‘

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile in reply to Run46

Thank you. I had heard that the Chester 10k was full, so I didn't bother checking. It looks like it's well organised too πŸ€”

I'm definitely going to consider it.

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Cantstopmenow

If you do decide you're giving it a go then let me know...they've got a 6 mile training run the week before, we could meet up! No pressure πŸ‘

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile in reply to Run46

Will do πŸ‘

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile in reply to Run46

So, no pressure you say πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜œπŸ€”

I'm in! I'm more worried about parking and toilets at the moment! πŸ˜‚πŸ™„

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Cantstopmenow

Lol, me too, toilets are a worry if your tummy feels the pressure...we must be crazy, but you've got to try it once right! We might love it.

I don't like driving and don't want to in what will already be a stressy situation so before I signed up I got my son to agree to take me.

I think he's planning to drop me off then can take his time finding parking.

Are you local to Chester? I'm 11 miles can pm me on here if you want to chat 😊

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile in reply to Run46

Will do. I'm about an hour from Chester

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Cantstopmenow

Quite a trek for you then!

CantstopmenowHUHM v10Mile in reply to Run46

I'll message you tomorrow 😊

WindozeHalf Marathon

Great idea! It can be quite intimidating on race day so excellent bit of prep...and great work bu the race organisers.

Good luck on your 10k!

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Windoze

Thanks Windoze...yes, I was impressed too πŸ‘


The Chester team are a great bunch! I joined them on a 13 mile training run when I was training for the Chester marathon. Great organisation and support for the runners, and their training runs are something not many other events offer. So if you are local then it is a great opportunity. Best of luck πŸ‘

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Macmac

Thanks for the luck, and info...nice to know I'm in good hands 😊

Imc50Half Marathon

Did they just contact you out of the blue Run46 or do you know people in the group?

Interested πŸ™‚

Run46HUHM v10Mile in reply to Imc50

When I signed up for the 10K they started emailing me to let me know when they were on.

I've done the 10K now so don't think they'll email me again but I've liked their Facebook page too and they advertise them on there if you're interested.

To be honest, they wouldn't know if you were signed up to one of their races or not as there were almost 5000 runners at the 10K and only around 200 came to the training runs. Didn't have to give any details, just turned up, ran, and ate the free flapjack πŸ™‚

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