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Top HM training tips?

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon

Hello lovely running fiends 👹

So, I started my HM training this week (my race is on 15th Sept), and I am wondering, what has been the best HM training tip you have ever received? Go! (And thanks 😊)

Did 11k today and legs started aching at only 7k - could be down to all manner of things - but how am I ever going to manage 21k 😱!) Still, I finished the run. 😁

Sadie-runs x

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David_GHUHM v10Mile

Hi Sadie, just don’t try to do too much too soon. Although it might seem daunting now, you can do this!😊

Old Floss’s mantra of ‘slow and steady’ is well worth remembering. Just build up gradually and don’t take any risks. Keep hydrated and do your warm up and warm down exercises.🙂

You’ve got this, just take it carefully. Good luck! 😀👍

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to David_G

Thanks David. 😘 I am following Roseabi’s plan, so increasing my long run by 1k each week (with a couple of easier weeks with no increase). I suppose I just need faith! I do think I could use slowing down my long that’s something to work on. (Good ole Flossie!) Thank to for replying! x

David_GHUHM v10Mile in reply to Sadie-runs

I followed Roseabi’s excellent plan and I got there, albeit in a super-slow time.🙂👍 That doesn’t matter, the sense of achievement will stay with me for the rest of my life😊 You’re not up against anyone else, it’s just about you. Go for it!👍

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to David_G

Thanks David. 😘 I honestly don’t care what time I run it in, as long as I make it to the start line and finish it in one piece. 😁 Whatever the outcome it will be a PB for me!


I've followed Hal Higdon's plan (you can google it) but l took my sweet time and adjusted it to my specs. As ever, try to avoid any pressure (leave that to real life), take your time and enjoy. There will be some tough runs on paper but, realistically, HM is easier than it's sold. You can do this stuff.

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to mrrun

Thanks mrrun. 👍 I have around 15 weeks to train, with a week off in the middle for good behaviour. Rather happily, my newfound unemployed status 😂 means I can train when I like, and more importantly, rest lots in between. And wear sweat pants every day. Bonus! Good to hear it’s easier than sold. 😁


Following Abi's plan will get you there comfortably. I guess there were two main things I changed for HM training rather than shorter distances: the first was building in regular strength and cross training and reducing the running, and the second was really mixing the paces up to make sure long runs were slower, speed runs were fast and tempo were ... tempo! Lots of variety was the key for me - kept it fun and meant less thinking about increasing distance, that was only a part of the plan not the be all and end all. Enjoy it!

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to linda9389

That all sounds very wise, thanks Linda! I have started swimming again - though only once a week because I find it so boring! And 1-2 strength sessions a week are now booked in. Is 3 runs a week enough? One easy pace 5-6k, one 3k intervals, and a long run? I need plenty of recovery time, so sorry about pushing it to 4 runs! x

linda9389Moderator in reply to Sadie-runs

I went down to one run day, two days rest. I still did the three runs - long, speed, pace/tempo ... but it took 9 days rather than a week. I still picked up injuries, so that amount of running definitely needed to be spread out for me. You are probably more resilient :D I know Abi's latest plan is slightly different, but I literally stuck with the 9 day cycle of the three run types. I have got to the point where I know that two days rest does not adversely affect my running, whereas two extra days of cross or strength training do definitely help my body. It's all about learning about yourself :)

Madge50Half Marathon

Oh you’ll be fab, slow and steady as others have said, and, leave a bit for the day, I was advised not to do the whole 13.1 miles in training, it makes the first one (actually all the half’s I’ve done so far) really special on the day.

Most plans will take you up to 10 miles, personally I go up to 12miles, but that’s just me (and it works on 5k chunks, e.g my longest run is 20k)

Good luck, you’ve got plenty of time, you’re going to be great!

Mx 💪🏃‍♀️👏

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Madge50

Thanks Madge! My plan takes me up to 19k, then tapering. I just want to get there without injuring myself! So, yes, slowing down the long run is a good idea. 👍 I really want to do this, hope my body complies! Thanks for your reply! x

Madge50Half Marathon in reply to Sadie-runs

19k will be just’ll see...🏃‍♀️

Keep us updated on your progress.


Jay66UKHalf Marathon

I tried to follow roseabi ’S excellent plan but as many of you know “I just run”. I can’t get on with all the core stuff.

I don’t recommend this approach but I winged it. I gradually increased from 10k

to 10 miles then was encouraged to go for HM. I went out prepared to quit earlier and took it really slow (2:50 compared to 2:31 second time). I had also gone up to 5 runs a week - 2x5k, 2x2.5k and a growing long run.

A proper plan is undoubtedly better and essential for a Marathon imo. Doing a HM programme would be far better prep and practice for further.

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Jay66UK

So essentially, don’t do it like you did it? 😂😂😂 Thanks though, Jay. I don’t know how you did it so freeform, but you did it, so for that reason I am in awe of you! x

Jay66UKHalf Marathon in reply to Sadie-runs

Stubbornness. Ask anyone who’s met me! 🤣

KatnapHUHM v10Mile

Try the 10% rule. You can apply it to running time or distance and build up at a regular rate. 😁

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Katnap

I am! 😁

KatnapHUHM v10Mile in reply to Sadie-runs

😁 keeps it simple!

AgelesslassMetric Marathon

I’ve just completed my first hm in a long time, I increased my mileage weekly by 10 percent and it worked perfectly for me. Was up to 11miles in training then tapered it down in the last few weeks. Ran it in 2hrs 20mins so not bad really.

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Agelesslass

That’s very good timing, your training paid off well!

WhatsappHalf Marathon

You have your plan, so try to stick with it. If you have to juggle/ miss runs then jettison the short runs first and try to keep your long runs a priority.

Time on your feet and routine are the focus. Other than that: keep your focus on your goal and always remember why you are doing this?

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Okay - that all sounds very sensible. Thanks Whatsapp!


I could never get along with HM plans because the day you are supposed to run long you often don't feel like it and conversely on a 5k jog day you often want go I just winged it and "sort of" did the required sets of distances and ramped-up the long run distance but not in the defined order of a rigid plan. 5k fast + 5 to10k run + 10k long run/jog getting 10% longer each time. The 10% rule is a good general guide but I often exceeded that, which is not recommended. Running a bit slower than your body "wants to" also helps on longer runs, our bodies are like eager puppies at the start so you need to rein back (even more important in the race due to excitement/adrenalin and something I always fail to get right -> start slow, run slower). Rest days are just as important as run days, take extra consecutive days rest if it feels like you need them. Don't get daunted by the HM-berg, even if you have not run the full distance as a long run before race day you should still finish provided you've got to over 16km and can run that without too much of a problem. In HMs I always walk through the water stations (50m walk and drink), so you can simulate that in training if you want to (stations are usually every 4km)

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Lordi

Thank you so much for your reply, Lordi. Running slower on my long runs than my body “wants to” is something I struggle with, so I will be working on that. I am not looking for a super quick time, just looking to finish for my first. Walking the water stations sounds like a top plan, too! 👍😁

I’m not sure that anyone has said this but you need to do, or will certainly benefit from, strength training. I gym twice a week and my running has improved so much. I did all the stuff suggested but do strength training to and it helps so much with the longer distances and keeping going.

Good luck. You’ve got a great amount of time to ensure you smash it . 😀

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Nwrkpak

Thank you, Nwrkpak! I cannot afford to join a gym right now, but have weights and resistance bands at home, and a little routine I am doing (just started)! It involves core (mostly planks and Pilates moves), glutes (medius and maximus!) And some hip work. I do weights for my arms too. I hope it’s enough. I do know I need to get stronger to run longer, so must be disciplined about it! x

cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile

Take some 🐌 🐌 with you Sadie! They help me every time. 😅🏃‍♀️

I just read Jay66UK’s reply, and I’m so relieved someone else doesn’t like (or even do) core training! 😀👍

I’m winging my way to 10 miles currently. Did 14k in 2:04 last week and I’ll do 15k tomorrow. I’m slow enough that *touch wood* my body doesn’t get stressed and I recover immediately. All I get is mild leg fatigue later in the day, but no pain at all.

I’m hoping to continue in the same vein to HM! If I crash and burn I’ll eat my words and do it ‘properly’, but I love running and don’t want my rest days to be spoilt by doing stuff I don’t like. I’ll walk faster up hills with my dog - there, a compromise! 😅😅

Good luck Sadie. You’ll probably train the correct way and be better for it ...... I’ll keep winging it for now at least! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to cheekychipmunks

If winging it is working for you, then fantastic! Sounds like you doing it sensibly though, and keeping it slow is definitely the best for your body. 😁 Listening to your body is a fine art, and you have got this!

I really wasn’t into core training until I started doing Pilates and saw the results! I have lost 3 inches off my waist in a year just because of Pilates. And can ACTUALLY see muscles on my torso probably for the first time in my life! 😂 So am a bit addicted to it now. So boring though. I find strength training so boring! But everything is boring compared to running. Have started up swimming once a week, too, but can only manage 20 mins before I get out due to boredom! 😂

Running slower is my next mission. Letting go of ego is key, here...

Sadie xxx

cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile in reply to Sadie-runs

Now if you need tips on how to run slowly .... then I’m definitely your (wo)man! 🐌🐌 Have fun. Who needs egos anyway! 😅

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