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To run or not to run? 🤔


First HM coming up a week on Sunday and I'm looking for some advice about mileage in the week leading up to it. I haven't been following a plan but I know that it's advisable to rest during the week before.

I'm pacing at parkrun on Saturday at what I hope will be hilly HM speed and as parkrun is flat as a millpond that will equate to an easy 5k. Next Wednesday I will run with my club and there's an option to do 5k instead of the usual 10k for those doing the HM - they're speedy though so it will probably end up pacier than Saturday's run!

My question really is do I run Monday? This has been my long run day for the last couple of months as I go to work later.

So do I not run, run another steady 5k or a very slow 10k? Answers on a postcard please 😂🤣

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If you want to run on Monday it's perfectly fine to do so, and if you feel like continuing your long run, the easy 10k would be great. It's good to keep up a certain level of intensity during even the last week before the half marathon. Just be sure to get some rest after Wednesday - just walks or short runs. Make sure your legs are fresh on the 24th!

Enjoy your running! xx

p.s. sorry no postcard 😊

pianoteacherMarathon in reply to roseabi

Thanks Abi! I've cut back already on the intensity of my non-running exercise and am just going to do some very gentle yoga after Wednesday. Quite excited about the HM now 😁

roseabiAdministrator in reply to pianoteacher

I can hardly believe how soon it is now!!

Madge50Half Marathon

That’s almost exactly what I did, a 10k about 4 days before and a gentle yoga class a couple of days before - I’ve only just started doing yoga and I love it!

I was itching to get into the start pen....

Good luck, you’ll be fabulous!


pianoteacherMarathon in reply to Madge50

Thanks Madge! I haven't been doing yoga for long either. I always though it wasn't for me as I'm not very flexible! I've been doing the Yoga with Adriene videos and I absolutely love it ❤️


It's entirely up to you really! As long as you don't overdo it I think all those would be fine. I don't generally run the week before a half because I like the opportunity to relax 😂 Then pow, I'm all springy for the event 🚀 (I do walk/cycle about five miles a day with my commute though, so my legs do keep moving a little.)

pianoteacherMarathon in reply to Sqkr

Thanks Sqkr! Think I'm worried I'll forget how to run if I don't run at all which is just stupid!

I'm exactly the same with my music - if I don't practise for a couple of days I panic I will have forgotten how to play 😂🤣

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Whatever you decide, I'm sure you will be great.


My HM is a week Sunday too..I am doing a last long one this Sunday..( need to get that in, after falling behind)..then just a couple of short..last one Friday..very very gentle ones.... yoga and relaxing walks in between.. relaxing.?????. with small runner in training! !!!

You will be fine..the folk who are experienced on here give great advice:)

It's come round quickly hasn't it. ??😆

pianoteacherMarathon in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss! The advice here is great isn't it? It definitely has come round quickly! Sometimes I can't quite believe I'm actually going to run that far considering less than a year ago I didn't believe I could run at all.

Good luck with your last bit of training xx

RunsomeHalf Marathon

Hi pianoteacher I am hoping to do parkrun Saturday then possibly a light 5k Monday then rest until Sunday’s race. I seem to be itching to get out there after a few day off So hopefully the psychology will work for next Sunday’s HM 😀

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