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Squat Challenge W3D4 - A little Surprise

3 days in to the week already. Your quads and hamstring will be quivering like steel anchor hawsers. You'll be splitting watermelons with your thighs and, um, deflecting bullets with your butt cheeks. Never before have so many squats been performed with such style and aplomb. SO make haste, make haste, get over to the Team page and see what delights are in store on 'rest day'. Mwaahaahaa...


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Teamrhomboid, what are the risks of joining Teamhaemorroid from squatting too much? Or is that only an issue when using weights too?

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If you have severe haemorrhoids it is probably not good to squat very heavy weights. I would not go more than 1.5 Times bodyweight on the bar.

If you don’t have a pre existing condition doing squats should not cause one, either air squats or weighted. If you follow the instructions for the squat technique, none of them involve straining the muscles of the rectal wall. If you are putting all your effort into your anus, you have your form wrong.


Ok good to know. Saw an article on it. Seems like some confusion out there over whether it can cause them or not. Yep, poor technique would not help tho.

Don't have them myself but I've felt one "threatening" once or twice but probably just bad form on my part.


If you google "squats fix butt wink" you will find more info on this matter, but under your own bodyweight it should not be an issue

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