264 days from Couch to Half Marathon

Apologies, this is a long post, but I just want others to know that the c25k programme means that anything is possible ...

On a dark, damp January evening I started w1d1 of the c25k programme. I'd decided that I needed to prove my theory that it was impossible to run and breathe at the same time. The first days were hard but I persevered and realised my theory was wrong and that maybe I could run for 30 minutes without passing out.

In early March I finished the programme but wanted another challenge so I found myself a programme to get to 10k- my, that is so much further than 5k! I did I fact run my first 10k at the end of March on a day I was feeling really good. However, friends on the HU forum suggested (quite rightly) that I needed more miles in my legs before running regular 10ks, so I went back and completed my 10k programme properly finishing in May. So what next I thought......?

I stumbled on posts in this 'marathon running and race support' community and wondered if I could ever think about a Half Marathon. I idly googled HMs and before I knew it I'd signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Another programme to get me to 13.1miles followed. I also started running my local Parkrun to get experience of running with others as I always run on my own. I needed to know I could run the full HM distance so in the last month or 2 I have run it a couple of times.

So today I found myself on the start line (in the back group somewhere) of my first HM, wondering if I could really make it from couch to HM. But I was running for charity so needed to step up to the mark. I took it steady from the start and tried not to get lured into a faster pace by the others around me. I felt good for the first 8 miles but the last 5 seemed hard, however my pace didn't really drop off too much.

And the end result? I finished my HM in 2:23:30 😀😅😀😅

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  • That's an amazing result for your first HM. I also found the last 5 miles pretty hard going. I wonder if it's because I don't find grass and trees terribly stimulating.

  • I ran all the way, but my mobility to dodge the walkers decreased as the miles went by!

    Hope your RPHM went well too

  • Wow! What a journey in such a short space of time. Huge congratulations to you! Rest up well now! 🙂

  • Thank you. I’m back home being spoilt rotten!

  • Well done - put your feet up now.

  • Congratulations! What a great story and inspiration to others :)

  • Well done! Great time :)

  • Well done to you too on your Tissington HM

  • Thank you!

  • That is so fantastic, and reading your story that could be me!! We are very similar on our running journeys, huge well done that is a fantastic achievement :)

  • Thank you. Just got to work out what comes next (after a rest of course!)

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