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2 weeks to go: Manchester HM

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Ive done my first 2 HM's in training, going to do about 20k today and will start the taper. Over the moon with the time I got in training so if all goes well I'll be knocking even more time off. I really upped my distance per week to about 60-70km and very much enjoyed the long easy running and mixing in intervals. I took 2 rest days of for parkrun and knocked 32 seconds off my pb, I am now very close to a huge 5k milestone now, should get under it this year and am over the moon with that, something I thought Id never get to. The fact I'm still knocking big chunks off is great.

I stabilised my weight about 5-6 weeks ago and I have some more to lose so have started to shift it off this week. Not in any rush though this time and am happy with my weight, just got some to lose.

So since march being clinically obese to now I am very happy with physical progress, mental progress has been much slower. Also all this might not even be the biggest change I make this year, I will let you know about it soon.

After the HM will have to look for another race, signed up for one 10miler beginning December, who knows I might get into the London marathon :p

Oh and gels help me a lot in the long runs, after about 7k I have had one and felt almost fresh again. The pace I will try and keep is a little scary, but its based on my previous 5kpb from parkrun, so theoretically should be doable. I could end up walking half of it though if not :) Will be shaving about 3 mins off my 10k pb each half, I haven't made an attempt on 10k for a while however so its reasonable too.

Photo of Skipton castle entrance from a trial of trail running 2 weeks ago trying out my new headtorch, headtorch providing the illumination.

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Katie204Half Marathon

Blimey - you're going really well! Best of British luck for your HM. I have mine coming up next weekend - my friend (also doing it) and I walked the course yesterday.

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KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to Katie204

Thanks Katie and to you too :) Look forward to your race report! I've not tried the route yet but this one is pretty flat so shouldn't be a problem!

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AncientMumHalf Marathon

Very very best of luck. PBs, weight loss and 70k per week -you certainly don't do things by half! :)

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KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to AncientMum

If that was a HM pun I love it :) Going to taper now so no more PB's, ended up with 53k this week but my last long run today was 22. Really enjoyed your last race report and huge well done to you :)

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That's a huge change! I'm impressed. Just make sure you don't push yourself so hard you injure yourself. I have no doubt you'll do really well at Manchester with that kind of mileage.

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KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to C3PO

Thankyou very much C3PO :) Will try not to, the base mileage should help against injuries, I want to keep on doing some core that I put by the wayside recently so will focus on that in the taper. Maybe some yoga! Never done that before!

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Sandraj39Half Marathon

Wow - alll sounds very impressive. I found tapering for my HM really messed with my head, but I was really fresh on the day and ran a PB and felt really good! Trust the taper!🙂...and good luck!

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KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to Sandraj39

Thankyou Sandra, I need to figure out what I need to do for taper,but I know its doing a lot less and will probably get to my head too! I know the rest days and tapering help more with our running and improe us more that overdoing it, sometimes I just want to do the run for mental reasons though and go anyway, consciously taking a hit on performance. Going to be well disciplined though for the taper I think. Find some other soothing activities. Bought a computer game... :)

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Oooh that's lovely! I thought it was possibly Lancaster jail

Your training sounds fab! I envy your turn of speed and actually doing parkruns and getting pb's during training. Just getting through the training runs is hard enough without speeding about the place and eating less. I am putting weight on during my training but I am always ravenous!

You don't have to keep doing the distance though! You dont want to do too much and hurt yourself, which you can if you are pulling in PB's regularly. Take care Kally!

I have done three ten mile races and they are good! Mine have been in hot weather, and I've managed them so you'll be fine. Well, as long as you get the training in o'course. I'm sure you will. You have plenty of time after your HM. You could do with three weeks recovery (slow paced runs) though before you start training for another race

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KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to misswobble

Haha, thats just a photo I took after escaping. Hence the added mileage :p

I did slow done on about 2/3 of the parkruns in order to train, and that was realy helpfull having the HM to let me take it easy at park run, sometimes I made it a long run by running before and after.I did skipton parkrun last weekend and as it hasa 4xloop with hill and a 180 turn in path, I run it about 1min slower than my manc one. I was about 30 sec slower so knew I could knock a lot off and it was v tempting. So had mini taper for parkrun on thurs and friday. So did "only" 55k this week. If I'm disciplined I will not go for any more PBs at parkrun.... I did set off aiming to knock a minute off, so with right pacing I could knock a bit off... But would be silly.. itl be there after.

Just doing the slow runs will be nice after and over the next few weeks, although Ill have some threshold stuff just to maintain fitness, but no mad sessions, just enough to keep my legs springy and maintain fitness level and let the body fully recover from training. The go for it on the 15th :D

The ten mile race looks pretty good, I think its got on road off road and hills and isnt too far away, ppl enjoyed it last year I hear.

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enjoy the rest of your training and all will be well on race day 😃💪🏃✔️

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AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Wow, those are some impressive stats! Enjoy the next couple of weeks and I look forward to your race report!

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KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to Anniemurph

Thankyou Annie :) Will try and take the running easy, cut down the volume. I will get a race report for you all :D it might just be, "felt like dying at mile 3, felt like dying at mile 4..." etc :p

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Sounds like you've done really well during the training. Lots of hard work, and impressive weekly volume which is definitely going to be extremely helpful for the race.

Attempting to shave 3 mins of your 10 PB on each half of the half HM sounds ambituous. But you've put the training in, you've clearly been tracking things, and you've realised what you're capable of. So I shall keep fingers and toes and legs (and eyelashes even) crossed for you. Go Katie, go go go! (and enjoy the taper)

Kallyfudge profile image
KallyfudgeMarathon in reply to Tomas

Thanks Tomas :) I will keep your cheering in mind on the race. Yeah haven't done a full out 10k since the Manchester 10k in may I think, I might try and join a 10k race this year to see how much its improved and get a 2017 time.

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