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10-half marathon plan?



I've just completed my first 10k today, and immediately began thinking about half marathons never in a million years did I think I would be considering those probably just the endorphins from today talking !

Can anyone recommend a 10k to hm plan, or podcast or app?

Thank you in advance

Katherine X

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I have not used it myself yet, but I've seen many recommendations of My Asics. I am planning to use it for my next HM in September.

Thank you very much

C3POVirtual HM

I moved on to HMs on my own, running three times a week, increasing my long run by 1-2K every week. It did the trick!

Sandraj39Half Marathon in reply to C3PO

Ditto for me, also increased my short runs a little. But, do consolidate your 10k first - too much too soon can result in injury. It's important to listen to your body, even if on a plan. Good luck!🙂


Run 3-4 times a week. Increase the longest run by 1-2 km per week as C3PO suggested. Increase the 2nd longest run (and 3rd and 4th if needed) so that the longest is never more than 50% of the total weekly distance.. Be careful with speed training at the same time as it could lead to injury. If you get to 16 km in training, you're ok to do 21 on race day; however if you fancy pushing further in training then there's absolutely no harm in that. Make every 3rd or 4th week a "recovery week" where you reduce the longest run by up to 30% - it'll feel like a holiday, and your body will thank you for it.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


Give yourself plenty of time! That would be my first comment

You have to build up very gradually as a half marathon is a major undertaking. It takes 18 to 24 months to be classed as an intermediate runner. Before that you are a beginner. This is in terms of fitness and strength.

Even the beginner, or "easy" myasics plan is anything but. It is very Hard! I know this as I have done a lot of them. I was out there yesterday doing a run on the easy plan but the pace is fast even on the supposed "comfortable" pace. I noted this as I puffed and panted my way round.

Just be aware that you need to progress slowly, steadily and carefully. It is so easy to pick up an injury from trying to do too much too soon

Good luck and enjoy the journey 😃👍

Squarewheels66Half Marathon

I'd recommend Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 running

Gives you the science on how doing most of your training gently will make you faster, sustain your running habit and avoid injury

I went from graduate C25K in July last year to a 1:46 hilly HM in Feb 2017 following his medium volume HM programme

You'll need a GPS/HRM to make the best of it

TomasMarathon in reply to Squarewheels66

Matt is good. As well as talking sense, he also writes engagingly, making it a joy to read his books.

Thank you so much for all your replies, really helpful and interesting.

I've had a look at my Asics and it looks quite good. I will have a look Matt Fitzgerald next.

I can't really believe how far I've come since last September/October when I started c25k. I graduated in December and have really just fiddled about since then after losing the focus of Laura. I really do need a plan to stick to, otherwise left to my own devices I lose my way!

I think I will enter my local hm in September whilst my confidence is still high on cloud 9 at the minute 😄 even if I have to walk some of the way I think it would be a great experience and give me something to work towards.

Squarewheels66 what an amazing achievement and time!

Thanks again for all your help



There are loads of plans out there, and as others have said the Myasics is supposed to be very good. I'm not good at following training plans and when I went from 10k to HM I just upped my long run by 10% each week and carried on with the other bits!! Good luck 😎

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