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Comparing training to date against last mara training

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I've been telling myself how good I feel about my marathon training. I'm doing well. Much better than I did in 2015. I feel better. There's no need to worry about the wheels coming off like they did back then.

So just to prove this to myself, I plotted my weekly distance (yellow line) against what it was in 2015 (blue line) as well as the week's longest run (yellow dotted line) against what that was in 2015 (blue dotted line). Marathon week is at the right edge of the graph, and the start of the training period at the left edge; so comparisons are between"weeks to go" rather than "weeks since start".

What does the graph show? Well it shows quite clearly that in 2015 I was also doing great, running well, everything smooth until 11 weeks before race day when I had a bad week, followed by two weeks where I tried to catch up, followed by 3 really bad ones. And boy do I remember those bad ones! And it - worryingly - shows that I am currently in week 12 before race day. So pretty much at the same point of the journey where it all fell apart 18 months ago.

Of course that's not going to happen. Absolutely not. But I am *very* conscious of every twitch and ache and trying to be super careful. I do not want history to repeat itself!

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Well no, but you are a year on and a year stronger in your legs.

Lovely graph 😀

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Dunder2004Half Marathon

Fingers crossed for you, Tomas.

You are in great shape, really racking up the miles but in a methodological way. I am sure you will be fine but the real test for you will be if you do get a niggly-twinge, are you able to tell yourself "no" and skip a couple of runs?

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TomasMarathon in reply to Dunder2004

That is indeed the big test Dunder. Being able to maintain dedication, also when the going gets tough, without it turning into pigheaded stubbornness.

I hope I have learnt the lesson, but only time will tell.

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aliboo70Half Marathon

You're doing GREAT Tomas ! i have faith in you and this years plan :)

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TomasMarathon in reply to aliboo70

Thanks Ali :) I shall try to be worthy of the confidence ;-)

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Pig headed stubbornness sort of gets us to the end of long runs though don't you think 😀 Or you can call it stoicism 🙂

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TomasMarathon in reply to misswobble

Absolutely, miss W. A certain amount of stubbornness is definitely called for, and the last part of each long run tends to more of an exercise in getting home than actual full-on enjoyment. I like 'stoicism'!

But it's a fine line, and I think one of the problems I had last time was that I didn't know when to give myself a timeout, so I pushed on and on and on until it was too late. I'm trying to learn from it :)

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Yes it is a fine line but at the time we don't know what's in store do we so just keep going and hope for the best. I think you have to be an optimist

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Curlygurly2Half Marathon

I remember some of your journey last time, you're clearly more on top of it this time round. I think your treadmill running will have reduced the pounding our legs take on the roads, even if it has niggled your achilles a little bit. You clearly have learned when to take a step back, I have every faith in you xxx

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TomasMarathon in reply to Curlygurly2

Thanks Curly. I shall continue to take a step back every now and then, and I hope your trust remains well placed :)

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Curlygurly2Half Marathon in reply to Tomas

If you let me down I'll come and sort you out next time I visit my SIL.... :-)

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Tomas , you're doing brilliantly and I agree with Curly with the treadmill runs , a lot less stress on your body .

I understand what you mean , it can all be a bit of a minefield and a learning curve , knowing when to step up , knowing when to hold back .

Pah ! Whoever said running was simple ? :-) xxx

Wow, you run a half-marathon and then some as your long run every week😳

I am impressed and in awe of the time and determination you are putting into this.

It is completely unknown territory to me, but it sounds as if you have learned a lot from your last marathon experience. I hope it will help you stay injury free this time🤞

You are a bit of a data nerd, aren't you Tomas 😉 I love it! What system are you using to keep track of everything?

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TomasMarathon in reply to PippiRuns

I love to have a few metrics, can't deny that, Iben ;-) Nothing fancy toolwise though, just Garmin Connect and then a few spreadsheets to slice and dice and store plans and review and and and and lol

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PippiRuns in reply to Tomas

I'm inspired...

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