All signed up for my first HM!

... and six months to train. I'm so excited.... and just a teeny weeny bit scared out of my mind as well. I've signed up for the vineyard half marathon at the end of June, so now there's no backing out. I hesitated too long last year, and there were no places left when I finally plucked up the courage.... Wish me luck, peeps. Now I'm off to do my Pointers Sisters impression around the kitchen.

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  • :D Excellent news! Vineyard - does it involve wine?

  • Ooh big hair! 😊

    Well done Mfam. plenty of time to train ☺

    Are you a member of the Marathon group over yon? see you there πŸ‘€

  • Yup I am indeed, but I hadn't stepped into my big girl pants until today... I thought I'd posted this on the Marathon page, but apparently not.

  • Yes, it is on the marathon running page...

  • It does indeed, there's white wine and local food all along the way (there are water stands too... woe betide me if i get the wrong one). When you finish you get a bottle of wine and a t-shirt, and bling if you do the HM or the Marathon (bling is rare in France).

  • That sounds completely awesome!

  • It was the best 10k I have ever done - and it's above all a sentimental thing for me because it's in the place I lived for ten years. Kiddo hopes to do the 10k with his friends from his primary school days, and a few friends will be doing the semi or the 10k too.

  • Fantastic. Sounds great.

  • I'm waiting for the euphoria to wear off and the panic to set in now :D

  • An idea of last year's run. Beautiful scenery and 12 wine/food stops along the way.

  • Wow, the scenery looks awesome, what absolutely beautiful place to run, you're going to need a lot of will power to keep away from the wine! (Well I would, anyway πŸ˜‚)

    I always admire people who run in fancy dress, especially after I tried a felt pixie outfit last Xmas parkrun - it was like being boiled in a bag!


  • Oh, I didn't see you there, Madge! How did that happen? :( It is the most beautiful place I have ever run. I won't have problems keeping off the wine... until I cross the finishing line, that is.

    The fancy dress will be minimal - the last thing I want is to have to give up because I'm too hot, something's rubbing or my Wonder Woman socks keep sliding down. Hmm, pixie.

  • Looks absolutely wonderful mfam! Well done for putting your name down, you'll do great and you'll be sooooo ready when June rolls around.

  • I'm going to need a lorry load of kicks up the arse to get out there and train. I'm counting on you.

  • Kicking up the arse is one of the few things I'm good at. I shall be watching your GC like a hawk! ;-)

  • Good man :D

  • Oohhh going to join you, just about to post what the postie brought me this morning........πŸ˜„

    Yee haa!



  • i have to wait till the big day to get mine, but I've already got mine from last year so i'll use it as my good-luck training t-shirt. The run will be fancy-dress.

  • Have you picked an outfit yet? Could be a tad warm, so careful what you choose! πŸ˜‚. I will have the opposite dilemma, so fancy dress might be a good pick to keep warm......has been known to snow in March......


  • I need something without head gear (sweaty Jo, no ta), no makeup and nothing to get tangled in my legs. The only thing I can think of off hand is Borat. Could put a few people off their dinner.

  • Wonder Woman , fairy (easy just some wings), Pocahontas (I did that a couple of Christmas's ago) you could miss out the wig and leave the tomahawk behind....Betty Rubble, Thelma Flintstone........don't touch anything made of felt or foam....😬.....πŸ˜‚


  • I did wonder about Wonder Woman... Hmm, cavewoman sounds about my style.

  • How exciting!

  • You know that fine line between excitement and terror? I'm sitting on it and waving at everyone.

  • Ah mfamilias , you will shine like the star you most certainly are !

    Good Luck . lots of encouragement , support and kicks up the jacksie are all readily available :-) xx

  • Thanks, pops. Shine, shine, shine.

  • Great news mfam sounds the perfect race for you and a good incentive !πŸ˜†

  • I'm really looking forward to it. And I must admit that the bling is a great part of the incentive (grown-up *fail*).

  • Great stuff! You'll be motivated to take on the winter, head out and train. It is so lovely there in Alsace, what a nice place to run :)

  • I'm very frustrated that I discovered running after I left the region. I went running there once with a friend who is a sports teacher - she scared the whatnots out of lee that day and I didn't try again until many years later, when I'd moved down south... better late than never, hey :D

  • I can see that this HM - as a first time HM - will be exceptionally difficult to complete and even if you do complete it, your time will be shameful!! :) I would keep it quiet myself on most running/racing forums. I was going to ask you if you were intending to run this HM non-stop or using run/walk ?? - but, silly me, of course you will be attempting to complete it using a walk/mayberunsometimes strategy. :)

  • I'm going to apply what my Dad always taught me: "Prepare for the worst but hope for the best". There's always a first time, and I've got six months to prepare before giving it my best shot. I'm concentrating on finishing it, not so much on having a particular time as I suspect it would be a recipe for disaster... although I am hoping to finish in under 2.5 hours. The aim is to run it all, but if I can run, I'll walk, and at the end if I can't walk, I'll crawl. Watch this space.

  • :) I was thinking more about how the many food and wine stops will interfere with the race :)

  • Oooooooh! I had blanked that bit out completely :D

  • MFam that is sooooooo exciting and is it actually in a vineyard? You will rock this... xxxx

  • Yup, you run through the vineyards from one village to the next. It's my old stomping ground, I love the place. Sigh 😍

  • So exiting, mfamilias! My first HM is in June too - 11 June to be exact! Yours looks like a really festive version. Fantastic! We can keep each other company as we prepare!

  • Woo hooo! Glad we can keep each other motivated and dispense mutual kicks up the bum if needed.

  • Absolutely!

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