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Thanks for starting this community JuicyJu. I started running 18 months ago, like you, having never previously had any interest in running (or any kind of sport really) at all. I ran a 10k event (OK a Santa Run), last December, which was a personal achievement. Now my lovely daughter has "persuaded" me to enter the Hampton Court HM in March with her. Having found running 10k a major effort, the thought of 20+k in just a couple of months is massively daunting. I found a training programme on-line which suggested running 5k on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the Big One at the weekend (i.e. increase distance 10%-ish weekly). Today I got up to 9.5 miles...and despite stretching after, am aching all over. I'm not particularly fast (it took 1hr 40 mins) and am concerned that the HM organisers switch things off after 3 hours....I'll probably still be trudging my way round! Still, I'm never after PBs, it's all about the fact that I can actually do it (I'm 61 and never in my wildest dreams expected this to be a "hobby"). Looking forward to reading hints and tips.

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  • That's not a slow time really. I am full of admiration for all those here who are a little older than me and doing such great things. I hope I will still be able to do a HM when I am 61!

    I have also tried to do a longer, increasing run on weekends and two shorter ones mid week, one gentle and one a bit more challenging, either in the woods with hills or trying to go a bit faster than normal. If you are at 15k now, you will be absolutely fine in March :-)

  • Thank you, that's very reassuring. I'm still not sure if I'm "enjoying" running but I feel compelled to do it! And I'm really interested in ensuring I finish the race....

  • Hey thats a great time, and its awful we all get so hung up on speed etc... It sounds like you are doing brilliantly... WELL DONE!! How cool we started running at similar times, its the best thing I have ever done, and its great to be part of a community too ( ie here and C25k etc etc). Your plan sounds good too and doable... good luck!

  • Thanks JuicyJu and good luck with your training too.

  • It's February now! One month before ur event, how are u getting on?? Julie

  • Hi Julie. I'm up to 9.5 miles. Tomorrow I hope to breach the 10 mile barrier. I think it's all doable but when I start running, going non stop for 2 hours seems horrendous. But thanks for your interest!

  • You can stop and have a walk you know. A walk break is a boon! It can save a run that otherwise might be ditched through tiredness. Even a walk of a minute or less, to allow the breathing to return to normal, then off you go again

    Then there's run/walks which loads of folks do to cope with long distance races. Lots of folks here do them. Get respectable times too! Jeff Galloway method it's called

  • Thanks for that Misswobble. My primary concern is just finishing the run - timings are not an issue for me as they might be for younger, more competitive people. It is a pride thing for me to run the whole way, but maybe you're right - perhaps I should walk every once in a while. I'll check out this Jeff Galloway method and see how painful changing the running style might be....

  • It's the same with running longer distances as with C25k, you take a walk break. It's not a sin! It's a helpful tool to get you to the end. I'd rather take a walk break - whether it be on a 5k or a half marathon - and finish the job rather than have to call it a day before the finish line. Try it next time you want to stop. You just have a breather til your breathing returns to normal and then off you pop. Or like JuJu does and have a break for something to eat and drink and then run on

  • Well, message received and understood! Thank you. Didn't make the 10 miles this week, annoyingly, but next week......

  • 10.85 miles reached - I'm knackered and aching...tell me it'll be OK...

  • Well done. I'm doing my first head marathon in March too and itps my 10 mile run this week.

    I know I'll be achining too

    Jules x

  • Good luck with yours. Let us know how you get on!

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