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lucentis injection


hello! hope everyone here is safe and well in this time of pandemic.

i would like to know if anyone here has severe myopia and have had the lucentis injection; i went through it for the first time 5 days ago and my eye is still blurry; i feel no pain or discomfort, just feel like my eye is still dilated.

thank you for your replies in advance.

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I have had Lucentis injections in the past and do not remember the blurring going beyond 12 hours. Can you check with your eye clinic

clnclyblnd in reply to Koalajane

thank you. yes, i am just waiting for the clinic to open.


called the eye clinic and was told that this is due to the dilating meds and that it should go this correct? it will be a week tomorrow since i was seen.

StokeySue in reply to clnclyblnd

I find that dilation lasts about 4 hours generally, but there might be variation in individual response

clnclyblnd in reply to StokeySue

i went through a follow up

check and the injector damaged my lens, and now i have an acute cataract ( that needs to be surgically fixed)

clnclyblnd in reply to Koalajane

unfortunate turn of events- reason why my eye is still blurry is because the needle went into my lens ☹️ i have an acute cataract...

Koalajane in reply to clnclyblnd

That is bad, what are they doing about it and the injector must have known it had gone into your lens. It is supposed to go into the corner of the white of your eye

clnclyblnd in reply to Koalajane

they are trying to fit me in to go into surgery asap...this is my first time, so two needles were administered- one on the side and one above; i’ve emailed my gp and relayed the whole story, hopefully she’d get back to me by tomorrow to direct me on what’s the next best step...

thank you, by the way to your messages, it helps just even to talk about this...

you take care.

Hello clnclyblnd

I just read your posts.

I am really sorry this happened to you - how this must add to your existing anxiety about your eye.

I don't quite understand why two needles were necessary? (Was the first a botch job?) I am a newbee also, so am just going by my own experience of (single) injections. I would ask the Macular Society for their thoughts.

Sending friendship across the cyberwaves to you. Please don't feel alone - this site is wonderful and there is always someone around to listen.

I hope your future appointments at the eye clinic go smoothly. All the best for the forthcoming surgery meanwhile - I am sure they will take even greater measures now to care for your poor old eye and improve the vision.

Warmest wishes


many thanks for your message!

it is 4 am and haven’t slept thinking/stressing about my situation...

i am trying to find a new opthalmologist/clinic that specializes in myopic cases; i don’t want to be passed around anymore between doctors in the hospital that i’ve been going - i need a doctor who knows of my history/progressions/issues. this is the problem i think of our universal healthcare, you are processed like cattle.

many thanks again. be safe and well.

Hi clncyblnd

I hope you fell asleep eventually, even only for a couple of hours.

I was devastated at the beginning, following my diagnosis and found the hospital where I was treated to have absolutely no time, or interest in offering words of wisdom, comfort, or even an explanation of what was likely to happen to my vision. It's a lonely time.

I had a suspected infection after the first injection (Eyelea) but it didn't manifest into anything sinister luckily. The second injection affected my good eye, weirdly, and it is permanently mildly bloodshot, and often very dry. The good news is, that my 'bad' eye has stabilised and the vision has vastly improved. I lead a normal life at the moment, as normal as Lockdown restrictions in the UK allow.

I work part time as a teacher, driving to work in another city. I spend most of the rest of the week teaching voluntarily with two different organisations remotely, and face to face. My life feels purposeful.

What I want to say is, it is important to carry on living. No one knows what the future holds. We have been given a gift, as odd as it sounds, to make the most of each passing day. Today I saw a friend and we went on a five hour walk. The colours of autumn are abundant, even in the city. I am grateful for this, and for the hot cup of tea, and cheese toastie at the little cafe in the wood. I am home now, and I could have spent my day tidying and doing laundry (which is also fulfilling in its own way I suppose) but I felt so alive this afternoon in the fresh air, laughing with my companion. I could, in theory, be dead tomorrow - eye condition or no eye condition. My myopic cnv does not define me, as I thought it would. It will more than likely be a bigger part of my life as time goes by, but I'll meet it head on. I will not live in fear.

Much love to you, sleep well tonight. All will be okay in the end, but in ways we cannot imagine.


good morning (here in toronto) and good afternoon to you BSG!

your words of wisdom makes this beautiful sunny autumn day even better. i just came back from a walk and just like you, soaked up some sun and looked at the great, cloudless sky. the trees - brilliant reds and yellows and underlying few greens, with the nice cool fresh air touching my face - it made me forget of my dilemma for a couple of hours, at least...

i agree with what you said, this disease should not be all what our lives be about - and i do enjoy every moment that i can with my partner, my family and friends; i have been blessed with a good job that enabled me to travel the world and seen the most beautiful sceneries/ruins/architecture that i used to dream of as a child. my MMD started in 2015, another leak in 2017 that now has permanently damaged my central left-eye vision, i have retinal tears on both eyes (loss a bit of peripheral vision) and now, this...which i know is happening for a reason...that’s the beauty of life perhaps...good or bad circumstances, there’s always the gift of learning from the experience.

enjoy your night.

I am so happy to hear back from you and read about your sunny afternoon!

You write beautifully.

We can't let this condition own us. Enjoy the rest of your day.


i hope you’re having a great Sunday afternoon BSG! wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, take notice of the small but uplifting moments!

Hello clnclyblnd

I'm glad to hear from you! I've been grumpy today - got out of bed the wrong side as they say. All I could see was the housework and laundry that needs doing on this supposed day of rest, and a Sunday dinner as yet uncooked. You have reminded me to look for beauty in the detail. Well, I have just swapped the white, plastic frame off a print of a hare I bought online at the beginning of Lockdown, for a wooden one. Hey presto! The hare is in a more natural setting, and is leaping about the countryside quite happily. It was a small job I never seemed to get round to, but now I have, thanks to your reminder, and I am feeling more free too because of it.

I wish you, and everyone on here, joy in the unexpected.

BGS (I've even been spelling my name wrong!)

glad to hear that your grumpy morning did not continue on to dampen the rest of your day BGS! and speaking of turquoise waters - how i miss the ocean!! before the pandemic, we were making plans already to fly south and be on the beach for a heaven, my home (the sea) - its colour, its warmth and most of all, the amazing creatures that live in it.

enjoy the rest of your Sunday and beyond.

eyesright in reply to clnclyblnd

Sending you a big hug X I'm so sorry for you to have had this happen. I hope your cataract op goes well and that you find a clinic you can have faith in (my own cataract op was fine, don’t over worry about yours, but I understand the annoyance at it being caused by the actions of someone else! Don't let them downplay the impact of that, just because cataract op is pretty routine you're still having to undergo surgery.).

I hope too you raise a complaint about the poor injector technique-and failure to disclose to you - not only so you get an apology etc but to ensure the injector is retrained before they make the same mistake with someone else.

You are right to focus on the good things, as BGS advises, and it seems you have a positive mental attitude which will stand you in good stead.

Wishing you well going forwards x

clnclyblnd in reply to eyesright

hello and thank you for your reply!

i too am praying that by tomorrow, i will get a call from the new eye clinic that my gp have referred me to.

yes, i am currently seeking legal action against the doctor (she’s actually an intern/fellow!, the opthalmologist who was supposed to see me left for the day!) who administered the injection; as i mentioned before, patients were processed there like cattle; i was coming in from the emergency department and with the bulk of patients that day, i was just hurriedly looked after-didn’t check my files/history...

i can only look forward now, i did my day of crying and panicking but now, i’m just taking one day at a time and enjoying the beautiful weather that we are still being blessed with. all of this happened for a reason, and sooner or later, it will be revealed to me why...

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