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Clongowes says thank you


AS a newcomer to treatment for macular degeneration I asked for help and advice and was humbled and gratified by the numerous responses.

I just wanted to say your advice was acted upon and made life so much easier even though I now have injections in both eyes .

My wife bought me a black silken sleep mask which I wear returning from hospital to combat glare. You may look like a ridiculous modern day Dick Turpin but it sure makes life easier though going over unseen road humps can be a bit alarming !

So thanks again to all of you and to davidcyule: "You'll be glad to hear brandy works just as well as whisky ....."

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Hope it's your wife driving not you in the mask lol.

Love the photo.myes it's a great forum to be on. People are very kind and helpful.

Love the photo and glad that brandy works just as well as whisky, but my eye man told me that drinking alcohol dehydrates the eye, even more, when there is a macula condition. No need to stop the blessed nectar, just be aware and use more eye drops to combat thisl.

Cheers ! I'll take that on board

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