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Myopic Macular Degeneration

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I am from Malaysia, 33 years old female. I was recently diagnosed with dry macular degeneration due to my high myopia (-20L,-30R).

I had undergo cataract surgery for both eyes few years back. I am an Accountant and i feel so sad and depressed since my eyes specialist told me about this bad news few weeks ago. He said there is no cure and it will just get worse and worse. He just advise me to test on the Amler's Grid once a week and try on the ARED supplements. When i ask whether i will turn blind he told me no. He said when it get worse i will just need magnifying glass for reading and life still manageable. But he add on, it take years for the progress.

However, when i read through the information through internet macular degeneration seems to have so many possibilities to turn worse in sudden.

May I know is there anyone with dry type macular degeneration here and how long you get along with this problems and how it progress? I am seriously very worry and sad everyday. I am just 33 and I rather die young but not get blind at young age.

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Recently on the news two people have had stem cell treatment for macular degeneration and it has worked .Both patients were successful and both can now see. This is what I would investigate hope this helps Paula

Hi from Brisbane Australia I was told I had macular DRY degeneration this year and I am 70 so to be your age is really understandable that you are so sad and it is a shock. I went to a specialist and he also told me there is no cure and from what I gather this is right at the moment .I did a lot of research and found that USA UK. AUSTRALIA etc are working hard to break through for a cure. What I did is bought 2 books that have helped me a lot.

How I beat Macular Degeneration in the early stages by Alan N.McClain. and am trying to follow a lot of his advice .

Macular Degeneration the complete guide to saving and maximizing your sight. by LYLAS G. MOGK.MD and MARIA MOGK PHD.

The later is older but very useful information.

I am sure they will break through certainly in your time you are so young and I send you all healing love . You are allowed your feelings I also was in shock and I am sure most people would be. Our sight is precious. Look after your self and all the best.Remember to wear good sunglasses to stop the blue light.


Thanks Cosmestics. Ya, it is very sad i had it at this young age. I do not know how to continue my life as I seems have to stop all my life planning due to this terrible eyes problem. I wish there is miracle which the cure or treatment is available soon to control myopic macular degeneration soon before my vision badly Impaired. If no miracle, life is indeed meaningless.

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Dear worry_taurus,

I am copying links to our booklets on:

Myopic Macular Degeneration:


plus, Emotional impact:

Please contact us on the Macular Society helpline.

The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and and can be contacted via 01264 350559.

Alternately, you can contact us via:

Kind regards,


Thanks Rosalyn for providing the information for AMD.

Sending you a hug x

Research is going on so there is always hope. Don't let the worry of an unknown tomorrow spoil the joy of today x

Look at the macular society info, they can help you x

Thanks eyesright. I understand being emotional or sad won't help this problem. But I am feeling so sad and hopeless everyday, it is beyond my control. I do really hope there is cure or some treatment available soon so I won't trapped myself in such terrible feeling everyday.

Hi worry-taurus

I realise your post is 2 years old, but I wondered how you are coping in 2020.

Have you got the support of family and friends, and has your condition remained stable?

Sending best wishes

BGS xxx

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