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I listen and. Learn


Hi. I'm. New. Spirit baby.

Just. Had. My. First injection. Thursday. I could. Handle

Side effect. Left. Eye. My. Dr. Doesn't. Want to. EXPLAIN much

So. I. Have. Been. Learning. Lots. Last. Few days. Reading

Community. Info. I. Do. Feel. Hope. Now.

Lot. Health issues. For. Me. One. More. Eye. I will. Handle

So. I. Will. Read. Stay. Positive. So. I. Listen with admiration

Thank you. Great. Kindness. U all. Have.

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Hi Spiritbaby, I have started this difficult journey a month ago and like you I am researching like mad and coming to terms slowly.

We have to be positive and go through the first 3 loaded injections to then see if we have some improvement, I am told that the first 8 weeks our brain has to adjust to the distorted vision this has happened for me yet.

I found the great support from everyone amazing.

It’s worth talking to the Macular team who are just brilliant, I am going to join very shortly.

So good luck, we must be positive.

Thank you. So

I felt. All. Alone. So much. To. Learn

Kindness. Question. Come. Thru. With answers. I. Can. Understand . Drs. Just. Don't. Have. Time

Wait. And. See. Always. Hope. New. Door. Opens.

I'm. Not. So. Panic. For the. Last. Few. Days.

Thank. You. Again.

Best. To. You. Tooooo

well done let us know how you get on

Spiritbaby in reply to rosyG

Thank. U. For asking.

I. Have. A. Smile. In. My heart. Again.

What ever. Happens. I will. Stand up tall.

And not. Cry. Out. Why. Me. Again.

Always. Find. Peace. Bigger. Door opens up. For me.

And. Stronger. Will. Thank. You rosyG.

I will. Keep. All advised.

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