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Improvement in seeing

Is it possible for the sight to improv e quickly? Yesterday I had one of my worst days ever, sightwise, with problems all day long but this morning, when I awoke, I could see much better, in fact, I felt as though I would be able to drive again. I had a sight test which showed that I could read two lines further down than I normally could (but only half the line, i.e. the first two or three letters not the 4 or 5 required). I am feeling tremendously bucked up by this but at the same time trying not to get excited in case it's a blip.

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good news! I hope it continues- you don't say f you are having injections- which could improve your sight quickly?


Yes, I have had 3 injections (the last one on September 4th) and I understand I need some more. My clinic is understaffed and overworked so I am awaiting an appointment. Meantime, just today, one calendar month after the last injection, my sight has improved. Not to the extent of previously of course, but better than two days ago!


My vision get's worse then better.


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