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Hodgkin’s lymphoma

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Hi my daughter has been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma she is 25 years old . She is about to start chemo next week . Because of covid19 we can’t be there to support her , she lives with her boyfriend. I just wanted to ask any who has been through this or similar any advice on how to support her on her through this difficult Time . I have put it to her that she could come home so I can care for her but she at the moment wants to stay in her home as she only moved into her home 6 mouths ago with her boyfriend to start a life together .

Because the virus is around I’m finding it so difficult As I can’t help physically.

Sharon x

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First off, I’m so sorry that your family has received this diagnosis. My son was diagnosed the year he was turning 21. He had to have chemo followed up with radiation. As the chemotherapy progresses she will feel very tired. Having easy meals prepared would be a huge help. Her appetite will vary from day to day but having soups and salads as an option would be great. It’s super unfortunate that this pandemic will prevent you from “taking care” of her the way you want to. But she will understand and likely appreciate not having anyone doting over her. Wish you all the best. Btw my son is doing great. We need 5 years to pass before they declare him in remission. We will hit 3 years this May. Stay strong momma.

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Thank you for you encouraging words and you advice .

So glad your son is doing well .



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