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Low lymphocytes?

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So basically I have been feeling awful lately. Extreme exhaustion, dizziness, weakness, bone pain, headaches and intolerance to the cold (even when everyone is hot around me).

I had a full blood count, thyroid, glucose, kidney and liver blood test. All came back normal apart from low lymphocytes which were 1.3. They retested a week later and they rose to 1.4. I cant really find a range online of what is normal. This still seems quite low? I’m panicking that I have something because I keep getting the start of a sore throat but it never fully comes. I’ve been getting pelvic pain too. Doctor says everything is fine because it rose but I’ve never felt so unwell before. Can anyone help?

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Hi Keke, Maybe they could do a flow cytometry to see if you have any lymphoma markers. I have had low lymphocytes (1.0) for 10 years but have Sll (same B cell disorder as CLL). Flow cytometry looks at T, B and myeloid cells.

Hi Keke89,

This group and several others here on Health Unlocked are intended to support people diagnosed with blood cancers. We are not medical professionals and cannot attempt to diagnose medical problems like yours.

While your symptoms, fatigue and feeling unwell are very familiar to all of us, they are not how doctors diagnose blood cancer. Judyanne's suggestion of a Flow cytometry test is the way that blood cancers are diagnosed. Normally there are other issues like a high White Blood Count or enlarged nodes and spleen that drive the doctors to order further blood tests to narrow down the possible causes.

You may want to go back to your doctors and be calmly assertive to firmly request further testing to narrow down or eliminate other causes like fibromyalgia or viruses like CMV, EBV (formerly known as Mononeucleosis)



We certainly hope that your final diagnosis does not include a blood cancer, but if confirmed you are welcome to come back here or to any of the other Health Unlocked communities for the specific type of lymphoma or leukemia you have.


Hi Keke89. After having a CAR-T infusion in March 2016 my wife's Absolute Lymphocyte has been running below normal. Her last reading was ABS Lymphocytes 0.6 x10(3)/mcL

Lower Than Normal (normal range 1.0-3.1). She does tire in the afternoon but that could be to her age (71). Her NIH oncologist does not appear concerned with the concerned with the constantly low readings. The good news is that she remains in complete remission from her aggressive follicular lymphoma.

Thanks for all the info! Sorry if I’ve posted on the wrong group! Will do some more research. Thanks again!

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