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10K Run

As some of you may have seen from my previous blog, my mum is running 10K for Lupus UK in July. She is extremely grateful for all the well wishes she has recieved and is very happy to have the support. She has set up a donations page:

and would appreciate any donations possible to go towards Lupus UK. So, so proud of her!

Thanks everyone!

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Wishing you lots of luck. ....hopefully I can one day follow your example... xxx Uzi.


Thank you very much! X


I'll support your Mum, E-say. My hubbie is doing a run too, as you'll see on my post.

How is her training going? Phill has ice cold baths after his runs, like Eddie Izzard when he did all those marathons for comic relief. It sounds like a cat being strangled while he's in there, but he says it helps the body recover!

Bless him, & good on your Mum. X


Thank you! She's very nervous, never done anything like this before.

She starts it tomorrow properly, she's just been healthy eating for the past week, but the running and stuff starts tomorrow. That's a very good tip, I'll share that with her, it'd be good for her to help with the muscles, although I can imagine not very comfortable, hence the noises :)

Good luck to your husband! Xxx


Hi E-Say. I've donated to your mum's just giving page. Best of luck to her and I hope you are as well as can be xx


Thank you very much! Everyone has been so nice :) She is very appreciative xx


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