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Lupus and Blood

Hi all not been on for a while but need some answers if anyone can help.

Yesterday went for my app at hospital saw a different rheumy doctor she was lovely.

She told me that now i have been on plaquenil for nearly five years and that my blood will have to be monitored more closely as it will change now with meds we did a lot of talking about other things that i forgot to ask her is this dangerous or anything.

Was wondering if anyone else has been told this and what it means.

Take care

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I have been on Plaquenil for over 12 years now and in most of that time only had yearly blood tests. Have always been told to make sure I have eye test every year but otherwise it seems to be considered very safe to be in long term.


I have been on Plaquenil for over 25 years now, I have a Yearly eye test and a blood test every Two months which I have at my local doctors, then they print me the results off and I send them to my Rheumy so he can see everything ok. Been doing the for about 20 years.

I am sure you will be fine, just make sure the ARE Plaquenil as I had bad reactions to the 'cheapo' derritive, my teethe went brown (not a good look) and had tummy problems.

I send you extra spoons. xxx


Hi and thanks for response, yes i did try the other cheap tablets and was glad when the doctor said he would make sure that i only got plaquenil as the cheap ones did not agree with me.

He told me he wants my eyes checked every six months,but that will not happen as i cannot afford it so we agreed on a yearly basis.

i think she was worried as i have other health issues so maybe the blood thing is more for the fact that i take a lot of other medications as well as plaquenil.

Anyway thanks for the responses and the extra spoons as i could definitely do with them right now.

hazel and fisher


Hi. Lupine for three years on hydro. Bloods every month for the first 2 years, dermatologist every three months. Now bloods every three months and dermatology every six months. (Preston) Eyes once a year at opticians. Hydro is great. Plaquinil is awful.


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