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Lupuzor - ImmuPharma

It was great news that the recent report from Decision Resources highlighted Lupuzor (owned by ImmuPharma) to potentially have substantial benefits over existing therapies.

Just to clarify ..ImmuPharma issued its Preliminary Results yesterday. You can get the full report on its website.

But key highlights confirm that ImmuPharma is in discussions with partners so that it can commence the pivotal Phase III trial as soon as possible. Watch this space!!

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Thanks for posting :-)

Here's hoping it gets through all the testing.


Further info can be found on

And detailed information about the drug on


I have been following the development of the drug for several years and I wish there was something us patients could do to speed the process up, It is taking so long since the end of Phase II, especially the search for a new partner!!! Maybe some petition from people affected by SLE would raise more awareness and need....


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