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Is it Lupus

I'm just in the process of being diagnosed - 8 years after a borderline bioposy on my back and just wanted some feedback! I was told 8 years ago that it was Jessners, but could also be Lupus. In the last 8 years I have experienced bouts of tiredness, weakness and have to keep completely out of the sun - to the extent that a 20 min car journey home can set my skin off "bubbling". The last 8 months though have been really tough - lost lots of weight, stomach problems and extreme tiredness. One thing that really frightens me is the way that when I get really tired I tend to slur my words, lose the thread of conversations or just cannot find the word that I want to use.

I have just been put on anti-malarials after paying to see a dermatologist over the state of my back and my face. She will see me again in 8 weeks and said that if the rash is gone then we have our answer. I have also had some blood tests done last week and am just waiting on those results.

Sorry to ramble and be a bit bitty!

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You sound almost exactly like me! I more often than not, can't complete a sentence without slurring my words, or being able to say something properly or find the right word to use next and CAN'T keep a conversation going at all. I also have stomach issues and tiredness, shortness of breath, periods of what feels like depression along with rash on my face and swollen glands in neck and sometimes armpit.

Sorry i'm not really giving you much of an answer here :/ it's just a little comforting to know that someone else is experiencing the same things so i'm not just over-reacting about every little thing i notice!

Please let me know what your diagnosis is, i may be going to my doctor soon and discussing this too just to rule it out because it would explain a lot of things.


Thanks for this - all sorts of things keep going through my mind. Last night I told my daughter that her brew purred (think I meant to say stirred!!) I too have swollen glands, but mainly in my groin and then a few days later I will have a boil erupt. I seem to have gotten worse over the 10 days and am dreading going back to work after the Easter hols next week.

I will let you know what my bloods are next week. Good luck.


I'm not surprised, i've been the same. At one point i was so stressed out with myself over my speech i started googling brain symtoms, which didn't help my paranoia!

Just take it easy, fingers crossed.


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