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Pains of work


Hiya guys and gals. Well I have been in work for 5 weeks. Some days are easy, others hell. I do enjoy it sometimes, but last weekend was the pits being run ragged. Supposedly 6 were off sick. Yeh right! My phone never stopped ringing and by 6pm I was dead on my feet. To achieve 30 hours pay I would have to be on the go for 70 hours. Gawd. Therefore I am looking at another job. This is a cleaning job, each session a minimum of 2 hours.

I had a stabbing episode 1 day last week, normally just get 1, but this was 3 sharp stabs in the hip, had to sit down for a few mins. Good job the guy I was looking after couldn't rush upstairs. Fair took my breath away. Since then my hip has been quite sore. I also developed a rash on the backs of my hands,but that has also gone now. Got a docs appointment midweek. My next rheumy isn't until June.

Have a good day all of you lupies xx

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Hi....sorry that you are going through the mill at the mo..Is there anyway you can get your rheumy appointment brought forward as your hip pain is bad?

I know how difficult it can be trying to work or do anything without one of the delightful lupus quirks hitting you!

Hope all goes well at Drs and that you have luck finding less stressful employment..

Take care


I feel the same ,I work 20 hours a week on the go all the time,my hips and foot hurt most of the time,and to keep going I need to sleep early evening,on a bad day I feel its not worth it and on a good day I enjoy work.I mentioned to the rheumy that I felt I was struggling at work,but it went over her head,I hope you have better luck. x

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Hi Mary, I think my comment below was more directed at you than at lowicklady. Hope you find it helpful. If you don't ask, you don't necessarily get, I'm afraid . Xx


Sorry to hear of your difficulties. From my experience of the medical profession you need to go in knowing what you want from them and to ask for it rather than wait for them to suggest it. Give them a list of your symptoms and say something like, " apart from discussing these symptoms and possible investigations or treatment, I would like a medical certificate requesting my employer to adapt my duties for a while, or I need time off work, which ever you want. Write it all down and read it if you suffer from lupus fog. You only have 10 mins or book a double appt if your symptom list is long. Your gp will push for an appt to be brought forward for you. The NHS is being gp lead now. Good luck xx

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