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runny nose/cold first time since starting steroids/methotrexate

Hi all, I've been taking steroids since Dec and Metho since Feb, and I now have a rotton cold-pain is ok at the moment, just feel really grotty and tired (nose bright red,constantly runny and v.sore too!!) but my question is what can I expect?? Will the cold be worse than normal? Before taking medication/diagnosis I would go into a flare after any sort of infection/illness... is this likely to happen still. Would appreciate your views/

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Hi Barn I also started steroids but last Sept and took my first Metho on mon today I have come back to bed feel tired fluie runny nose sore nose headache Checking on side effects it looks like these are the mild ones (I Know they are bad enough) I see my doc tomorrow so if I don't feel any better then I may get some answers .My problem is I can feel like this when I go into a flare and as Metho can take months to kick in who knows Lupus is wait and see Keep in touch and let me know your progress Take care Voutton


Hi Voutton thanks for your answer- I am feeling much better today-so maybe it was a 24 hour thing-mind you I did not get up today till 1pm!!! (am lucky have no kiddies dependant on me,and did not have to work today!) I have been on Metho now since Feb and the first week I felt sick and fluie but since have been ok-I have a Rhuemy nurse check up tomorrow to see how I am getting on and I think they are going to up the dose if all bloods come back ok, and then start cutting down on steroid (I have put on soooo much weight!!!) I had an appointment yesterday with my Company Dr. who swore by metho-he said it was the best drug he knows for Lupus and in all the time he has prescribed it there was only one person it did not help-so give it a good go-don't give up at the first hurdle!! If your side effects get worse get in touch with your consultant/nurse. I felt as if a flare was going to happen yesterday-but it seems to have passed with a good sleep, so am keeping everything crossed. Once again Good luck with your meds- Bamx


I just got over a cold the first one since coming of prednisolone and I had forgotten how miserable it made me, Left me with sores on my top lip and nose my stop button is broken again. My Lupus never did this all the time I was taking the steroids it just proves to me that they were working.


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