What a big Help......Not!!!

I recently posted a question about hospital appointment and i was told that i should ring them and tell my problems, well it turned out they couldnt give me an earlier appointment and that they are fully booked FINE but then she ranted on for about 2 mintues to my mum about when the consultants make appointments you just have to stick with it we are very busy and full blah de blah de blah she didnt give me no advice on what i should do for the time being what a fat help she was loser and that was at the lupus unit at st thomases.

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  • I don't think ringing works very well, its better face to face if the hospital is not far from you, or write a letter- at least it gets filed and has to be read.

  • Its difficult to rearrange apps to suit everyone, hospitals run on a timetable especially in outpatients....maybe you should have spoken to your gp about the problems? you dont say what they are exactly. Receptionists arent qualified to tell you what to do re health probs. Speak to your gp, ours has a call back system if you dont want or arent able to get to surgery...

  • I spoke to my consultants secectary they didnt do much or even give me advice

  • Hi, you could also try the consultant's secretary and maybe, just maybe! he/she might be in a good mood and speak to the consultant who would then reply by phone or a change of appointment.

  • I did that but no such luck or advice even

  • Keep trying , dont give up : )

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