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An update!

Hello everyone.

Firstly apologies for not being on for so long, I have had so much work and today is the first time in a long time that I have had time to write here!

As some of you may remember my previous blog post was about my anxiety about going out given lupus and that it was going to be the first time that I went drinking for a very long time coupled with the fact that I had spent a long time being alone and not really socialising. And everyone was so lovely and sympathetic in their responses that I just decided to go for it and I promised to give everyone an update.

So, I went and I only knew one person but she wasn't in the right situation to be 'chaperoning' me everywhere as it was her party, but I knew some people that I had briefly met beforehand in passing and I chatted to them. I had some really good conversation with some really nice people. There was this guy who was on the exact wavelength as me, personality wise, because my humour can be quite dry and sarcastic at times, so basically I'm human marmite(haha). I didn't drink too much, but I decided to leave when they decided to go to a club. (Thank you so much for everyones' suggestions! Now I also have some extra ammunition if I ever need to make a hasty exit or do not want to drink!!)

And I genuinely had a great time! :)

Two weeks later, the same friend invited me out again and I went and I decided to go to the club after and I was very careful not to overexert myself with dancing or drink but I had fun! But the consequences was a mini hangover the next day...

Now my next steps are to see my rheumy on Tuesday, finish off my dissertation during Easter, do some revision, sit my finals and hopefully graduate this year!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and instilling the confidence in me to go and have some fun and let up for a while. I love this forum space and I always read the blog posts, so I'm always with you even if I'm not posting and try to reply if I have time or good advice. I have learnt so much from you guys and thank you for helping me!

Best wishes,


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Hi, I remember your post re whether to go to the party or not. I'm so glad you went and had a great time and then again (even better). Good luck with your dissertation, finals and graduation too :) xx


Hi Yes thanks for your kind words. Just what I needed that week!

Thank you so much for being with me every step of the way! xxx


Atta girl, well done!! You see, just don't panic, it is like driving a car, just take it slowly if unsure. Good luck with all the course work and exams, try not to overdo it, if possible. Xx


Thanks purpletop! That's true practice does make perfect! xx


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