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tightening feeling?

evening fellow lupies!

im still recovering from a chest infection but the last few months im becoming more out of breathe, even when talking? my throat sometimes feels tight although ive no soreness?

im not overly worried but just curious at such a random new thing happening to me.

any ideas please?

also in the evenings my knuckles swell,skin is red and puffy and they ache worse on my right hand (im right handed) and are normal again in the morning.

apologies for random questions again X

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Get straight to your doctors, should perhaps take a water sample with you. Dont wait things could get worse.Good luck


The breathlessness could be due to your chest issues, it takes ages to settle down, few weeks at least. No idea about the hands, though, how strange.


Hi caninecrazy

You must be a dog lover, me too!

Sounds like you do need a visit to your GP or at least phone your Rheumatology Nurse Specialist if you have one. it could be related to your recent chest infection but it does sound as if you should get it checked out as it may be unrelated. Your hand could be a separate issue but it does sound a little bit inflammatory and may be related your breathlessness.

Let us know how you get on and hope you feel better soon.


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