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hot patches ?

At times, i feel as though a hot teaspoon has been put on my body ( a very small area ) for about 2 secounds , then i feel it somewhere else, and so it goes on ........ over various parts of my body !?

I dont have this every day ( a few times today ) and i am not really worried about it , just curious .

This symptom seems a bit odd i know , but does anybody experience this ? and know why ?

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Not hot patches but as if the skin has been electrocuted, yes, in two areas on my abdomen. No idea why.


I'm not sure it's the same, but it could be of similar origin. Prior to diagnose I was diagnosed with dermatagraphism, which was excess histamine all over it felt a lot nastier than it sounds. I used to describe it as though it felt similar to when your frying something in a t shirt and hot oil would splash on your body!

I now know with lupus it's very common to get hives etc this was like a physical urticaria, it didn't produce hives but red hot burning marks all over even if a strand of hair brushed against my face at this time it would look like I've been attacked by a wild animal! I know what you have described isn't the same but the origin , excess histamine might. You could try an a tiniest mains , one your already familiar with and see if it helps .


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