The Docs think they have found out why my liver is not working properly, Citalopram. I felt really well on these but they are changing me to mirtazapine, is anybody else taking these, and what do you think?

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  • tryied them once made me so tried i could not move!

  • How did you find out that your liver wasn't working properly? What symptoms did u have? I am on Citalopram and now slightly worried..

  • I could not take them as I became very aggressive,angry and had terrible restless legs.


  • I have been taking mirtazapine for a long time. I take it only at bedtime and it allows me to seep well. I wouldn't take it any other time of the day. It helps...

  • I take mirtazapine 30 mg been on these for years if I don't take them I cannot sleep

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