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Went for my 2 yearly eyesight test today. Had all the various eye tests and pleased that there was no change from my last eye test. But, on checking the health of my eyes the examiner informed me that i have cataracts developing in both eyes. She said it was probably due to the years of being on steroids ( 32 ). I have now got to have yearly check ups. Has anyone had this said to them? A bit down about it, Still waiting to see someone in respirorty for my lungs and now this.

Caz59 x

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Yes - steroids can cause cataracts. So can lupus (my rheumatologists told me this). The good news about the cataracts is that they are very treatable - I have one starting in my right eye and if it gets bigger I will have it treated. It IS upsetting to think that your eyesight is going, and the thought of surgery on he eye is not pleasant. But one of the practice nurses at my surgery has had one of her cataracts treated and said it made such a difference she was looking forward to having the second one done.


You've been 32 years on steroids?? Wow, that's amazing. We are told they are not without problems. If cataracts after all that time are the only issue, then that's something. I have a friend who had both eyes done and she's very happy now, no need for glasses or contact lenses, just reading glasses due to age. Still, not nice thinking about going through them yourself, I agree.


After 32 years on steriods and 13 other medications Purpletop i wish cataracts was the only issue hun, but alas no. I suppose that's the price we pay to continue to have some sort of life from this living hell disease.


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