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Pains and fingers and toes


Been having pains in my fingers and toes and its like pins and needles only its very painful and it's worse on a morning and a evening. Also not sleeping very well because I'm too hot I'm waking up through the night soaking wet with sweat its disgusting. Does anyone have any answers pls

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Hi i get pains and numbness in my hands. I wear grips given by the hospital. If someone eles dies massage on them that helps too, take care... Uzi


Hi - my initial thought were that this could be menopausal - but I just checked your other posts ad I can see you are way too young for that.

So I am afraid I think this is a sign that something is wrong - you said you were undiagnosed - and so of course it may not be lupus - but it may be another autoimmune disease if it is not lupus - maybe RA?

I had those once in a flare, I had to take prednisolone to stop them, v unpleasant. But they resolved with the steroids.

I get the seem pain mainly my fingers. Its a Shooting burn pain, tingling and numbness. Its neuropathic pain. I use Amitriptyline which helps. I know what you going as the pain wakes me upmany of night

Hi Geordie-chick, I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I don't get pains in my hands & feet, but I do get terrible night sweats when my lupus is flaring. So I thinks it's important that you tell your rheumatologist if you have one, or ask your GP for a referral.

Something like paracetamol, asprin or ibuprofen might help to reduce your fever a bit, so you can get a bit more sleep. But the underlying cause needs to be addressed.

I hope you get some help very soon. X

I suffer with exactly the same Geordie. I don't take any meds so couldn't comment on whether certain meds cause it or make it worse. I also have a few overlapping conditions so couldn't say 4 definite the causes but I believe Raynauds is usually 2 blame 4 the hands, fingers, toes etc regarding the pins & needles & shooting pains but I also have APS, MCT Sjogrens, RA as well as the SLE.

Thank you for all your help. It always seems like one step forward 2 steps back :( just when I think things are back to normal something else starts hurting. I'm seeing my consultant next week but can't get an appointment with my GP at this time. I'm pushing myself to go to work but its getting harder and harder as the days go on I'm also trying to keep my gym sessions up also as this does make me feel better on myself.

Hi geordie-chick I have this now not the night sweats since been on amitriptyline but still get hot flushes and cold sweats during day but so much.I like you haven't been diagnosed and have googled raynauds and a few others.I am still confused as I have similarities for all sorts and that thing about lupus/autoimmune not everyone has same symptons .I don't tend to get a lot pins n needles but I get electric shock like pains,throbbing and little shooting pains it affects mostly my fingers especially tips which are over sensitive and mainly red and mottled palms.sorry I can't help tell/guess what's wrong with yours but hope you get help soon x

Thanks hoping to see the GP this week :)

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