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I am looking for a good rheumatologist in or around leeds. I am currently being treated by a rheumatologist that, for some reason, I don't trust.... He hasn't done anything in particular but I get the sense he isn't telling me the whole story and I function better if I know that facts so that I can put some logic to the whole process rather than constantly being nervous about what could happen next. I am also looking for a naturopath to investigate possible food intolerances or triggers

Thank you in anticipation ;0)


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  • The Lupus Clinic at St. Thomas' Hospital used to have a list of recommended consultants in all areas of UK. For some reason, I can't find the link to that today but you can e-mail and ask:

  • I go th Chapel Allerton and attend Prof Emrys clinic and have nothing but praise for them. Anytime I have any problems I'm encouraged to pick up the phone and speak with them and am always given an appt to go and see them if I'm worried.

  • If you can get to Sheffield Halamshire, Dr.M.Akil - he is my Hero.

    I e.mail him if I have problems and he lets me get my bloods done at my own doctors and I e.mail him the results. I once had a problem and e.mailed him. - he was in the que at the Airport going on holiday and Yet he even then Helped me out. I just hope he never moves - if he does I am following! Good luck.

  • Prof Dennis McGonagle is brilliant and is based at St James in Leeds. I am not sure if he had a clinic at LGI as well. I was seeing him here in Halifax at the BUPA hospital until BUPA refused to pay out any more for Lupus related treatment. He is lovely and as he is a Prof he knows what he is talking about!

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