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Gratitude !

Just enjoyed a nice cup of tea after a trip into town. I had to go to the bank and pick up a few essentails from the shops. Despite struggling the distance back to my car with my two carrier bags I really enjoyed getting out today. I feel a little tired now, but otherwise well which is wonderful. Three good days in a row !

I also just learned that I have my "volunteer" badge. I am really pleased as I am enjoying blogging with everyone so much.


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CONGRATULATIONS on getting your validates what a lot of us think xxxx

am so glad to hear you are having another good day huni xx


Thanks and hope your'e good too x


Glad to hear your feeling good :) and well done on getting your badge.

Hope you continue to stay well, take care, Mandy x


Congratulations on everything.Keep going.


Thanks for your well wishes and encouragement. xx


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