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Goggie and Lupus

Goggie and Lupus

As my psychology gets better... the idea that was for a long time in my head appeared again!

I WANT A goggie!

I spent all my morning to find for a dog and I found it.

In about 5 hours I can go and get this amazingly cute goggie!

My life is already full of happiness!

Me, my man and my shuga!


Makes me wonder how life with lupus and a dog can be...hehhehe!

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hiya. love dogs and have 2 mini long haired dacs, Dougal and Florence. sooooooo cute, Let us know what your shuga is can't tell from the photo?


Hi, a dog and Lupus works well, you will have to take exercise to walk Shuga so that will help you physically, his needs will take priority over yours, so gives you something to think about other than how ill you feel. Emotionally a dog gives you an outlet, if you want to cry the dog won't mind and will still give you a cuddle.

A word of caution, make sure Shuga is trained, by you, to walk well on the lead, in a flare the last thing you need is a dog that pulls, start his training now!!

I have two English mastiffs, a border terrier and have just inheirited a 13 year old dachsund, but am fortunate that they do not need to be on a lead.

I have had dogs and run a rescue organisation over the past forty years, now have a boarding kennel, if you need any help with Shuga send me a message, glad to help. Give Shuga a cuddle from me!!


hi i totally agree with kathinayrshire, i have two small dogs; cookie a jack x yorkie and dottie a jack x labrador whom give me a reason to get out of bed on my bad days, we take two leisurly walks a day. i love thier companionship, and thier antics make me laugh when im feeling down.

wish you lots of fun and happiness with shuga!

" a dog is not your whole life, but they make your life whole"

(hence my name on here!lol)


I am so happy for you Your little Shuga will give you everything you need from her to help you. Please take her to training as ,Kathin says the last thing you want when in a flare is a dog dragging you along the road I have a Rottweiller and sure is amazing I have trained her to pick up the washing when I am hanging it up if I drop my stick she will pick it up for me and she makes sure that I am always ok When I need her to go slow or to pull me up a slight incline she does all these things Can I say that the time invested in training her and it is a game for her ,has worked well for us both I must say that I did b.reed Rottweillers 30 odd yrs ago so knew that they are an amazing breed ,but they do want to be with you all the time and as I am at home now she is ideal Also she is tuned in to my bad days and wil happily just climb on the sofa and rest beside me If possible try to have a friend that can help out if you really are not up to taking her out some days ,tho the motivation to see them get a good run is enough to push myself most days. Enjoy and look forward to all your exploits hugs and best wishes


I'm sure your pup will bring you much happiness!

too love dogs, and agree with earlier comments that they are therapeutic and a great comfort, especially if you are now home form work as I am. However, I really with our beautifull border collie dog was easier to walk, as sadly I am dragged down the road, and she especially pulls at cars or other moving vehicles, any advice would be gratefully received.



I'm a little confused, why do you call it a: Goggie?



shuga is so cute!!!

hope you guys have fun together!

best thing to cheer you up! puppies! :D


We have been talking for a while now about getting a puppy, we are looking for a german shepard. I can't wait :-) enjoy your new little bundle of joy :-) xxx


She is wonderful! A source of joy, fun and laughter!

But also a big trouble! hahhahaha :D

Thank you all for your kind words!



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