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Embracing life and what it brings

My name is Akosua B and i am a lupus patient. I was diagnosed back in 2003 but before then life was terrible. I started out with a skin rash which was all over my body. being that i lived in Nigeria, its not a usual ailment so they couldn't figure out what exactly what was wrong. i was adviced to move to England to get the necessary. i usually get tired easily and get swollen joint

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Welcome 2 the site. Nice 2 hear some1 sounding positive, keep it up girl ;0)


Welcome Akosua, lovely to meet you :)

Hope you have managed to get the treatment you need and are feeling better in yourself. Lovely positive blog title, for me the most important thing about living with this illness is accepting it and then the process of adjusting can begin :)


hi akosua i am sure you will get the best thats available and lots of support from people on this wonderful site happy new year x


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