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GP visit

Off to GP this afternoon because of joint/bone pains which are stopping me from sleeping. Until recently had a rubbish GP who made me feel I was wasting their time. Not sure what to say to GP to make her take me seriously, although I shouldn't be too worried as she's so much better than the last one. What painkillers do others find helpful? I can't take ibuprofen because of asthma.

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Hiya, personally I have taken quite a few over the years, some have helped, others have not. These days I take co-codamol 30/500mg during the day and 10mg zomorph at night (this is the only way I am not prowling around the house at night in agony) and during flare I may take 10mg during the day, but avoid doing this unless its absolutely necessary.

However, if you are able to stay away from the heavy stuff, Tramadol and co-codamol combi is one I used in the past which seemed to work when the pain was less severe.

As we are all individuals and respond to medications in different ways, its impossible to know how any drug will effect you - unfortunately it is just a case of trial and error, but eventually you will hit on something that works for you. Hope you find it soon :)


I used to take Tramadol and Paracetomol, also havce to be careful because of Asthma. Tramadol did last for long enough though, my GP put me on Tramulief, this is a slow release Tramadol, slightly larger dose than the ordinary one and you only have to take 12 hours apart, have found this takes the edge off, although, I also use Buprenorphine patches, nothing completely takes the pain away but it makes is more bearable.

Hope you find some relief.


Thanks ladies. I saw such a nice doctor - quite took away all my fears about being seen as a nuisance! He's given me co-dydramol, so we'll see how that goes. I've just taken one - thought I'd start with one as I have a meeting tonight and don't want to fall asleep driving there! WIll probably take 2 when I get home so I get some sleep, and can always go into work late in the morning if by some chance I do get some sleep! I've got to have more blood tests, but it was so nice to feel listened to. Moving to this GP practice is the best thing I ever id!


Hi chicklette I change my doctors too for same reason ,never saw same doctor twice and all giving different diagnoses and/or making me feel more like I was a nuisance sometimes left in tears,which is definetly not me and for me it was the best thing I did too.hope you get a great sleep tonight x


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