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Snowed in

that's the weather but also how I feel.was back at docs 2day and asked if he could just get me a room there save me coming out in this weather.if only i could hibernate and wake in spring full of the joys of it,blossoming and full of life.started me on amitriptyline today/tonight after me refusing it or similar drug.I know I'm a difficult patient as I hate taking comes snwied in things been pretty bad so today I was just give me it/anything how much is it and I'll have this me giving up to whatever this is cause I really do feel snowed in by all of this autoimmune s*** x

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I feel the same as you about hibernating, my hubby says my decendants weren't monkeys, they were Grizzly Bears!!!

Do take the amatrip. they will help, made feel dopy at first (even more than usual !) they will kick in and help. I tell my Rheumy, I will try Anything as long as after 2 months I feel no benifit I can come off them. I t has worked like that for years and we both know where we stand. Do not forget that there are thousands of us out there and we will help where we can.

I wish you luck and hope your meds soon kick


Thank you hazel took it last night felt a bit groggy at 1st getting up g

oing to stick with it for a while as slept the night had vivid dreams?x


You're not a difficult patient letslaugh, you've just got a very difficult illness. Auto-immune illnesses are complex, & modern medicine is still trying to understand them.

Hazel made a really good comment about trying the drug for 2 months. I'm going to take that on board myself. It really is a case of trail & error, until you find something that can help.

I hope spring is on the way for you very soon. X


Thanks roobarb and thanks to hazel I am going to try this and see how it goes and hoping spring comes to all on here and everyone else suffering from silent/unseen illnesses x


You sound so much more positive, it's great! Remember there will always be ups & down with this illness, but you've just got to look after yourself, & keep talking to other lupies to keep you sane when things get tough.

Lots of love. X


Don't I know it been at breaking point a few times lately .just wonder how hard it must have been when there was no site like this and people were totally on their own and so relieved it's here for me .actually not just the site the people on it as they make it what it is x


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