Hello Flare !!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling quite unwell and have a bright red face ! Think i may be flaring ! My question is ...... i have a blood test slip to be done before i see my local rheumy in march, ...BUT i am also due to go to st thomas at the end of the month, so i was thinking , is it best to have my bloods done now while i feel ill and may get the results back before i go to London ? or should i do as i'm told and have them done end of feb ?

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  • Hi, I think that I would get them done now as I would imagine it would be usefull to have some current results when you go to St Thomas's. You can always get them redone at end of Feb as well. xx

  • thankyou , i think i will ring the gp and try to get an app to get them done x

  • Personally, I'd get them done now, at least then if they request another set of bloods later (when u're hopefully feeling more on an even keel) they will have something 2 compare it with.

  • If you think it is a flare try and capture the flare in your blood

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