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Let it Go

Let it Go

I'll let it go, I'll let it go,

Though its all I've ever known

The sadness is consuming

with the simple things in life...

...The waking to the world,

that wants to cut you down,

The pressure of a job,

that never comes around

Let it go, let it leave,

Though it's all that I believe

It's the heart that keeps on fighting

when everything else stays still...

fights for you- fights for breath,

fights for me- fights for death.

I'll Let it go, the self-pitying and weak

I'll let it leave with the sadness and the grief,

No longer will I live, my body scared to speak.

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:-) .xx


That is so moving and I KNOW where that came from and understand. It is a fight just to Want to stay alive. I now have a photo of my children and my Grandson underneath the medicine cabinet, just to show me through the pain IS Love. Good Luck my friend and thank you for sharing that with us.


That's a lovely way to encourage yourself. All the best to you too and your


great! lovely. thank you- its a beautiful start to my day


This really beautiful, you are so talented. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for all you support and comments. I guess writing and sharing is what helps me carry on.


Thank yoj for sharing, sad but uplifting at the same time. Do people tellyou how well you look.I try to keep a smile in place all the time. T

To add insult to injury nnow my hair is falling out do we get any NHS help with a wig? I wore headscarves before (I seem prone to lose my hair) but wigs are almost undetectable these days.

May you all be better this year, thank you for being there. Xx


People usually tell me how tired and sad I look. I tend to wear more make up now to help my eyes look brighter.

Sorry to here about your hair; I'm not sure if you get help with the NHS, sorry.

I think I smile does help. At least I get less concerned looks whilst wearing one.

Hope you too have a better


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